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  1. Hello, I've just started using PANC in P5 I've done three day landings with 747s, always into a foggy area, so I wonder whether runway lights are turned off by day, also in real world and, regardless of real world , whether I might turn on runway lights by day, anyway thanks
  2. ok, then I how do I estimate the TOC / cruise altitude ? (I've rescrolled the manuals, I could not find any tables based on weight...sorry I am not an expert)
  3. hello, I am new to the CRJ (seventh flight) and, being used to the AS Bus-es,PMDG and QW aircrafts, in the CRJ I don't know how to assess Step Climb / Optimal Altitude, along the flight plan I'm sorry: I've read the manuals once, yet I cannot retrieve that info, as well as I could not find it after searching the forum thanks
  4. of course, the issue will happen again I haven't had the time to fly again with the CRJ, I'll report again, to try to provide more clues or Event Logger details
  5. hard landing with damage to the tyres or the nosewheel ? (although not visually modeled)
  6. oh, I forgot to say that I am using the latest upgrade
  7. P4.5, hotfix 2 I cannot find anything relevant at the time of "freezing" please, should I check for anything specific? (not being an expert, maybe I'm missing the right clue, in event logger I see only my "killing" of p3d)
  8. Hello, I bought the Pro yesterday (P4.5) on my first two attempts, I've experienced a freezing of the sim (from 18/25fps to 1), once while setting up the CRJ on the ground and doing GSX ops, once while trying to climb to cruise altitude: I had to shut down P3D this is the first time I'm experiencing this with a complex aircraft, as far as I remember please, should I think to something wrong on my side, or can you suggest something about it ? thanks
  9. hello again, after three dozens flights with Airbus family, I can confirm that time accelerazion up to 4x enroute did not cause any issue to my flights just for confirmation, my workaround for the sudden jinkiings is working consistently: to pause the game for one-two seconds, upon weather injection on descent and scenery creation on approach, as soon as the aircraft would start its weird behavior: I've never experienced anymore a loss of control by doing that by the way: also for the same sudden loss of control (accelereration on the ground), forewarned by a low pitch rumbling sound, it's enough to tap the brakes for a split second, to keep control this just for other Aerosoft pilots
  10. Hello, with the first releases of Airbus Pro (318-19-20-21) I had been able to have some former liveries (from the download section) working in Pro as well (in this case, Iberia, Alitalia) after 1.3, willing to reinstall those liveries, those are not working anymore, having followed the same instructions given at the time of 1.0 (I get a black, inside and outside, aircraft) so, before wasting time trying and trying, I'd like to ask please whether those old liveries cannot be installed anymore, or if I have to keep on searching for what I am missing thanks
  11. [all Bus-es updated to latest release] Hello again, it's gone better with your suggestions and settings: jinkings still happen - although softened - upon TOD and transition altitudes (weather injecting moments, I still guess), yet I've learned to stay on guard just there, pause the sim for two seconds, and the flight resumes fine, every time please, what do you think about setting half simulation speed, when enroute and meaning to stay away from the PC for a while, to preserve greater fluctuations in fps? (and avoid Alpha Floor and/or similar issues....)
  12. I cannot even reach (full crew) the Everest base camp !
  13. hello, which is a chopper capable to climb to 8000mt? climbing inch by inch, I guess I have Nemeth AS350 (as the one of the video ?!), which service ceiling tops around 4600mt (that's where I stop)
  14. Hello, although I smoothly managed my first landing in VNLK, setting the usual flaps 4 and speed around 70 knots as for short runways, I guess that in less dense air flaps setting and speed should be managed differently how do the TwinOtter pilots manage landing at altitude in real life? any web reference, please? thanks
  15. ok, what I aim to find is the better compromise (and immersion) although I cannot claim to have the same detail when bush flying around Lukla or Mysty Moorings, yet I'd still try to have lesser blurry terrains and empty airports, when bringing an a321 down to Shanghai
  16. Hello Dave, before pulling you into a bigger effort: you said that we have similar systems: could you please share you settings, so I have some point to start from?
  17. Hello again, after trials with all the Buses (18,19,20,21,330), I can confirm now that the moment weather is being injected is still fatal: following your suggestions, I've downgraded graphics complexity, reduced ASP4 turbulence to a little less than half values so, either on the descent or approach, as I see the weather visually switching, the aircraft jinks like a dogfighter, unless I hit immediately the pause key and let the fps value raise again to normal values flying into clear weather, no issues experienced so, flying usually into fps ranging from 30 to 60, there is just a 1-2-3 seconds freezing event that destroys the Airbus "balance" (not only with Active Sky) in the end I ask for any other possible hint, having searched and found nothing useful, so far thanks
  18. yes, being a 6 hours flight, I went away after a step climb, until 100 miles out of TOD....more than two hours
  19. you're right, thence a further question what disconnected it, since the 330 was on a long haul cruise, having nothing all along ? (I was away from the PC)
  20. Hello, I am sorry for not discovering any reply by searching for the first time ( it happened that, at cruise level, CLB thrust, the a330 accelerated into a slight overspeed, enought to set off the alarm I manage to fix it by pushing back, just a little, the throttle levers, and keep the expected speed if I remember correctly, sometimes it happened also with some other flight of the Bus family just my feedback, thanks for the product
  21. ok course, I am not asking to put jetfighters and their traffic in PAFA, yet in the area
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