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  1. I've found the reason MAIW installs, not only the military aircrafts, yet buildings too, and, deactivating their Europe in addons library, returned PisaX as it's intended to be I absolutely did not think about MAIW, because - I thought it was only about aircrafts - in other civilian airports (AS Gran Canaria, recently Chania) I had not had issues at all with the scenery, forgetting that those were conceived for P4
  2. I did, still overlapping buildings I also deactivated Pisa.bgl from Scenery/EURW/Scenery, PisaX airport is still covered
  3. thanks for trying to help I moved Pisa just below the xml system addons, the stock? building is stll on top of Pisa main one for sure I haven't touched Europe, and Italy less than ever, recently, save for buying Chania LGSA, all the rest have been two aircrafts (Carenado ATR72, Milviz Porter), and faraway sceneries: Mauritius, WSSS Changi Singapore, Tahiti, MaldivesX, Orbx AUS2, TropicalSIm Buenos Aires19, Latinvfr Santiago ... I also removed Orbx HD buildings, no changes
  4. Hello, so far I had PisaX always working flawlessly on p3d4.5, simply by activating the scenery there I absolutely don't know what I've changed in the sim, now the main building is covered by a stock? one, so I ask, please, any hint to make the main building reappear not a big issue, yet it's my home airport, so I'd like to have it displayed correctly thanks
  5. Hello, I've managed to have Maldives X working on p3d4.5, by: -setting it up on FSX(Steam) -activating the three scenery layers in p3d -copying the AI Maldives DHC6 folder in p3d/airplanes folder -copying the only VRMM traffic file I've found (scenery/world) into p3d as I remember that in FSX there were plenty of Twin Otters in the harbour close to VRMM, in p3d there is no activity, nor any "floaters", save for a couple, far away (UTL and P3d traffic sliders set @max), did I miss anything, or is this the best I can achieve into p3d? thanks
  6. I figured it out after landing, being at the end of runway 36L, in this huge airport, I was too far from GSX activation area rolling towards the terminals made GSX turn alive
  7. Hello, I've just purchased flawlessly installed LEMD on my first landing, GSX2 tells that its' services are not available, as it cannot find a valid AFCAD file (I departed from EDDF, there GSX2 worked as expected) I've installed the hotfix 2, same issue thanks for help
  8. hello, 2 I've tried the DDU way of reinstalling (latest) Nvidia drivers: five flights YPPH-YBRM, back and forth, without any issue, even if raising autogen settings to the max 3/4 heat has never showed at high values, either on CPU or CPU, as well as component effort percentage 6 no overlock, never 7 ctds approaching different payware airports, yet only on payware CYVR, with every aircraft I tried (in the past), p3d crashed (previous system) 8 yes (all PMDG airliners), no crash ever happened with them after I upgraded my system, and only a few before my hardware upgrade 9 no crash with the Bus (after driver change), trying stock airports so, in the end, apparently having solved the problem, this last question comes to me: is there a possibility that something OUT of P3d might interfere with Simconnect or other "routines" used by p3d/Airbus?
  9. ............ no, no ! better all options at once ........ I am already underway with Nvidia drivers changes and monitoring .........
  10. thanks a lot for this "deluge" of hints, I'll be back as soon as I gather useful informations for this thread
  11. Dave, thanks for the hints first off, I don't fly online; the airports I fly off/to are all payware, from all major developers Ezdok is on its last update, altough I am aware of some glitches happening, not "deadly", yet (this before the full P3d reinstall) sometimes I had to restart it in-game the AI traffic, is UTLive 1.2, with 2019 schedule and cargo traffic addon (plus a few FAIB aircrafts recently added for Canaries traffic, although my issue started before this latest add-on)
  12. I am sorry for my english: the issue appeared everywhere (Europe, Americas, Australia....); I was mentioning a particular route, because I thought to be a sample devoid of (weather, scenery complexity, AI) intereferences (time of crash) the event viewer says: Prepar3D.exe 5cd47aad KERNELBASE.dll 10.0.17763.475 69a188f0 c0020001 0000000000039129 1c8c 01d533f8bfa40815 Q:\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll e4f64c89-60e0-4ed7-8c8b-f3ff632819e3 SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe 5c100d47 SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe 5c100d47 c0000005 0007904a 388 01d533f8e21bea91 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe e57aa1a7-5d3f-4d87-a566-b46c4d715382
  13. Hello, having gathered enough "numbers" about this issue and lacking finding answers over the forum, now I need to ask: I own all airbusPro models, installed over a fresh p3d4.5 / win10 /i9-9900k I have flown dozens of flights since the release, over all FTX territories (with Active Sky, ProATCx, Skyforce Environment, Ezdok, all on) it's approximately fair to say that, while on descent or on approach, the sim crashed to desktop 15-20% of times, to say the least (what puzzled me was a crash even happening @25000, in the middle of a clear sky australian desert - 100 miles out of Broome) ... fps was always 30+ a few times, flying the same flight again, the crash would not happen trying to replicatethe issue with the cousing aircraft (PMDG 737 and 777, FeelThere Embraer), never a crash happened so, please, I ask for suggestions where to look for, as I am out of ideas thanks
  14. Hello, first off, I get the chance of this feedback to thank for this gorgeous product [using UTLive @ 100% activity setting] as the manual says that the AFCAD file should provide a "quite realistic representation of the traffic at the airport", yet I noticed that the representation of AI traffic is quite reduced, when compared to real world timetables there are few airliners on the ground, and I haven't seen any local flight to/from the other Canary islands I wish to add that this behaviour happens also on other major canarian payware airports (GCTS, GCXO, GCFV, GCRR) I own crosschecking with the activity of other AS airports I own (LIRP, PANC; EDDF), there I get a full blown activity even at UTL 60% setting so I ask whether anything can be done, to say the least, to get also some local flights thanks
  15. update: I removed win7 and set up win10 and p3d4.5 RAAS Pro, rejected by me on Airbus Pro setups, was also installed by PMDG, and still prevented the main p3d interface to appear again, I removed it from exe.xml (p3d.cfg folder), and the issue disappeared
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