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  1. That's a short runway at Lelystad X lol Cheers, André
  2. How is the FPS on that thing Cheers, André
  3. Take off from 24 that gives an amazing view there Cheers, André
  4. Nice renders lol but you should have done all Dutch airports including EHAM, our loss ;-) Keep them coming love your style of work better as what I've seen in scenery design lately... Hope you do some more dutch airports :-) Cheers, André
  5. I mean non reflective textures ;-) There isn't an alpha channel (which would be odd) or it's not used with values other then white ;-) That was how it looked before FS2004 lol Cheers, André
  6. Sasa amazing benchmarking stuff :-) Cheers, André
  7. Why is the alpha channel white and not gray values used? If that is due to the choice of the transparent windows that should only hold for FS9 in FSX that's not a problem anymore ;-) VC is stunning stuff :-) Cheers, André
  8. Lol just enjoy it forget the platform it doesn't matter the aviation experience matters :-) Looking forward to this one :-) Cheers, André
  9. Actually you can created the effect despite the engine ;-) Cheers, André F
  10. Wooow amazing stuff :-) Had the same feeling almost real :-) André F
  11. Can wait for your great stuff and it will make our country so different to fly to lol André F
  12. Invested already in the FS9 version which I don't use but already knew that the FSX version is coming our way to support you guys... Masterpiece enough said :-) Cheers, André F
  13. Sascha I'm so happy with that decision FS9 is dead for me to also regarding development :-) So we can focus all our time to get the best out of it instead of compromise for the very old stuff... Can't wait for your master peace Rotterdam X love Lelystad X great work :-) Thanks, Cheers, André F
  14. Mathijs this almost near my home town Thne Haque and I know the airport quit well and will certainly make time to some development test flights in FSX at EHRD :-) André F
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