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  1. HeadlessHershel

    LPMA - Runway Bump

    Hi, I just purchased Madeira X Evo and upon takeoff I'm hitting one random unnatural bump on the runway. I have all my mesh settings maxed out so I'm not sure what is causing my problem or if there is a fix available. I will attach two photos of about where my aircraft is when i hit the bumps.
  2. HeadlessHershel

    Repaint requests

    I 2nd the GoJet request.
  3. HeadlessHershel

    CTD Immediately Upon Loading Flight w/ P3D v4

    Please let me know if you find a fix for this. I had the same crash during a decent into Flightbeam's KSFO tonight.
  4. The best way to do an 8-hour flight
  5. HeadlessHershel


    Okay so im used to pushing the nav button on the default planes and it flies to the next vor on my flight plan. How do i fly direct to vor's without changing the heading knob? Thanks Jared