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  1. Das hat leider nicht geklappt. Alles was F2 macht ist die Tueren oeffnen. Weiss jemand wie man ein Spielvorgang speichen (eng. save) and dann wieder laden kann? Besten Dank Bernd
  2. Weiss jemand wie/ob man einen Werdegang speichern kann? Wenn ich z.B. 10 Minuten gefahren bin und eine Pause einlegen moechte, kann ich jetzt speichen und spaeter wieder dort weiterfahren wo ich vorher aufgehoert habe? Besten Dank Bernd
  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for your response, however, everything except for the battery switch is turned off when I start the engine. Today I had the Com1/transponder repaired again, left the engine off and tried to get ATC clearance. It worked for about 30 seconds, then the switch was broken again, even with the engine off. Do I have a faulty installation?
  4. I wish it would be that easy, as I said in my post, I had it repaired about a dozen times., but every time I start the engine it breaks and I cannot switch it on, same with Com1. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.
  5. I have the problem that the transponder does not work anymore once I start an engine. I tried starting with all electric off, it does not make any difference. i had it repaired about a dozen times. Can anyone please help? Thanks Bernd
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