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  1. Hi Guys, today we flew our last leg, maybe you have seen us on "Web Eye". The flight was from EIDW to EGLC. Goodbye EIDW Wow really bad weather at the beginning of our flight. And lot's of clouds. But not so much traffic like in EGLC After 1 hour and 30 min we changed our course to get to Bruntingthorpe (We said hello to the VC-10, the Victor , the Probosts and lots of more aircraft, but especially to the VC-10). Arrival with 150 kt (Everybody wants to have fun) Nearlly a touchdown. We flew so deep that we have a better look at the VC-10 And now also goodbye Bruntingthorpe, see you maybe next year in may. And now in decent to EGLC. Really bad visibility. Even on 800 ft it was not possible to see parts of the airport. Cayman 216 rwy inside. And what a nice touchdown with -60 fpm. It was a nice idea to fly in 80 days around the world and also other pilots gratulated for this project. Well taxiing is difficult . Now standing at gate 4, battery is off. Really bad weather After 80 days flying, we have to get out of this aircraft. Callsign was CAY216 We hope you liked our pictures. It was a great time ! Merry Chrismas and Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, today we will fly our last leg. We are now on stand in EIDW and will depart in a few minutes. You can spot us on Smart Cars or on web eye
  3. Hi Guys, this is our before last leg . It was a great time and we are seperated from our beginning airport only a few miles. Tomorrow we will fly the last leg. We hope our post were fine and you enjoyed every leg, which we uploaded. Today's leg was from BIKF to EIDW. And we flew this leg with the DHC-6 Twin Otter. We will also fly our next (last) leg with the dhc-6, because it is a good ending. We started with the DHC-6 and we will end with the DHC-6. So, let us get back Callsign was CAY 216
  4. Well, slowly we are returning back home both London and Chrstmas are approaching at a trmendous pace. Tonight's flight took us from Greenland to Iceland. Since the distances are decreasing, we change over to the DHC6. The weather was cold and foggy, but what would you expect from Greenland or Iceland during winter time ? Route: BGSF-BIKF Aircraft: DHC6, VP-CXA Callsign: CAY784
  5. Hi Guys, Today we flew form CYQZ to BGSF The next flight will be to an airport with the ICAO- Code beginning A. (C,B,A like the ABC islands) Hopefully not, because if we are there we are wrong But let's get back to our flight. The callsign was CAY216 And we flew this leg with the Boeing 727, because the distance between the 2 airports is so far that it is not possible to fly this leg with our favourite aircraft (DHC-6). See this nice background with the high mountains covered with snow and in the foregroung the beautiful cockpit of a Boeing 727 .
  6. Hi Guys, of course we like the Boeing 727, and thats why we flew this leg also with the 727. We flew from KJFK to CYQX And it was really nice to see Canada from above and from the ground! The callsign was CAY216 We wish you a nice 3rd advent and all the best.
  7. Hi Guys, so here our second flight of today It was the connecting flight from KORD to KJFK Und it was really cool We flew with the Boeing 727 And the callsign was CAY 1061 A
  8. Hi Guys, so our first flight of today departed in KDFW with a lot of traffic and arrived in KORD. We thought it is a good distance for a flight with the DHC-6 and we were right. SO, Callsign was CAY 1022 A Enjoy our posts, cause there are only a few remaining. Thank you and good bye
  9. Hi everybody, now we are back, flying over solid land after thousands of over-water miles. So, today, our route took us from San Francisco to Dallas (KSFO-KDFW). Memories came up flying over areas that once were very familiar from the cockpit of Cessnas, Pipers and Beechcrafts. However, today, again the VC10 had to do the job. Here is the log & flight info: Aircraft: VC10 XV104 Callsign: CAY784
  10. Hi Guys, today our flight took us to KSFO Callsign was: CAY 102 A And The aircraft type: Boeing 727
  11. Hi Guys, today we flew from PMDY to PHNL So, Callsign was CAY216 Aircraft type was Boeing 727 Hope you like our legs
  12. The next over-water leg again was XV104's duty. This time we flew from Wake Island to Midway (PWAK - PMDY). Again, she did a great job. Aircraft: VC10 XV104 Callsign: CAY784
  13. For our next Pacific leg we got up early to enjoy a sunrise over the Pacific ocean. Great flight from Guam to Wake. Aircraft: once again the reliable VC10 XV104 Callsign: CAY784
  14. Okay, now we are ready to head for the open Pacific Ocean. We decided not to go via Alaska. We will avoid the challenging Aleutian weather and fly via warm VFR weather instead. So we will visit the Pacific emergency airfieldy Guam, Wake and Midway. The first leg took us from Tokyo to Guam. I did not expect Guam to be so green and treeish - either my error or the sim's :-) Anyway, here is the log... Aircraft: again the reliable VC10 XV104, 4 engines for long over water flights :-) Callsign: CAY784
  15. Kon'nichiwa hito (hi guys), today's flight was from Hong Kong ( VHHH) to Tokyo, Japan (RJAA) Callsign: CAY 216 and we flew with the DC 8-73
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