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  1. Bedeutet das, dass ich mehrere Mods hin und her kopieren und vor allem umbenennen muss, damit der AS Updater sie erkennt und aktualisiert? große
  2. do you get the FIX anywhere without the AS Updater? Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me because the mods are not in the original community folder because I use Mod Linker
  3. I just tested a short flight from EDDT to EDDB on 25L and with the * FIX * ILS now worked very well and without problems
  4. Ich habe nicht in der Lage, die Lösung zu testen, aber deshalb fragte ich, ob er auch das Problem behebt, werde ich es immer noch testen und Feedback geben
  5. I have discovered an important problem that needs to be solved I've already failed twice to land on the 25L via ILS, he does get a signal on the plane but when I land afterwards, I go meters down into the countryside next to the track if you look at the map on the world map, I have to notice that all 4 ILS points are not on the runway but clearly off will this problem also be solved with this fix or is this another problem that has yet to be solved? I hope the English is easy to understand but google doesn't get it any better and my German is much better 😉
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