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  1. Mathijs Kok, pleas answer my question. Where can I find the field to place the voucher.

  2. Hi! Air China and China Eastern for A318-A319. Thank´s kjell wennerholm Sweden
  3. Hi! I can´t find or hear the "bank angle" warning when I exceeds 35 degrees. Is it normal in the Airbus X? Kjell Wennerholm Sweden
  4. Hi, Shaun! I press appr. when I can see a "half" green mark, the glide slope mark, in PFD. I press appr. before the green mark start to moves down. Do I hit the localiser when the green mark start to move down or do I hit it when it first appears in PFD without moving?
  5. Hi, Shaun! Thank´s! I have try this TUT. Now I know what´s wrong in my way to fly. I trust the AP to much. The AP do not take me to the right altitude at the right moment. I have to set rate of descent manually to be at the right altitude (4000 ft, 01R, ESSA). Is it a normal way to fly?
  6. Hi! When I try to auto-land the airbus x it start to turn left and right in the final approach. I have to abort landing. What is wrong? I use step by step and I use TUT. ILS. One more question: When I do descent preparation I turn in 4000 feet. The aircraft start to descent at the right point, I catch the glid sloop. When I reach 4000 feet the descent stop. Do I have to turn in 0000 feet when I do a auto landing? I always have to do a manual landing:-).
  7. Thank`s very much, Piper pilot an Shaun Fletcher! I going for a flight tomorrow, ESSA-EKCH:-). I have a small problem. When I try to do a ILS cat 3 auto land, the aircraft do not land it just passed over the runway (about 200 feet above) and i don`t know why. I have follow instruction step by step but still no landing at the spot. Is it the speed who makes me fail? I stay in the limit speed using the speed brake. Maybe I can use anchor and ropes from the cockpit widow to make a good touch down.
  8. Hi, Again! Are "Heading" in "facility info" equal to CRS number or is CRS number equal to "HDG" in Navigation log, in FSX Flight-plan:-)?
  9. Thank´s for a very fast replay! Do I need a approach plate as an add on or is it included the FSX flight-plan?
  10. Hi! When I follow procedure and checklist and reach approach preparation I enter ILS/FREQ in MCDU RADNAV. Next step is "enter CRS". What is CRS? Where can I find this CRS number? I use FSX flight-planner but I can´t find anything named CRS. So.. What can I say.. I need your help.
  11. Where can i find "the Support Forum FAQs on how to obtain Updates"? I can not find any FAQ in the menu.
  12. Thank´s! I have find my a problem in my fligth handle: I fly to fast . When I slow down aircraft landing goes just fine. //Wennerholm
  13. Hi! I have ver. 1.21 Airbus X. I download it 20/10. I read about ver.1.22. Were do i find this update (just a blank window shows up when try to follow download link)? //Wennerholm
  14. Thank you! It have to be something wrong in my way to fly this aircraft. I read the manual and follow step by step but still no landing, just passing by. When the "bip" comes i pressing appr then loc. Do i have to press some more knob to quiet the "bip"?
  15. Hi! When I try to do an ILS approach my Airbus x do not land at the airport LOWW. The bip are there but still no auto land. Do I need to press "nav.ident" on radio to quit the signal? Pleas help! I try to read manual EDDF-LOWW tut. But fail on the end.
  16. Thank´s! Now I know how to handle my Airbus!
  17. Hi! When i input flightpln data in MCDU, do take off start AP then after a while ATC tell me to turn right 190. What do I do? Do as ATC tell me to or disconnet ATC and let aircraft follow flightpln in MCDU? What is right to do?
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