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  1. Hello Shaun, Yes, I tried that and it works! 1. Start TCE 2. Select model 3. Hit "Save"-button and DO NOT EXIT TCE 4. Start MSFS 5. Select F104 model just choosen in TCE 6. Fly Btw: for the clim/dive button to work I have to engage the powerbutton left on the overheadpanel LJ
  2. Dear Shaun, I got it flying! But it works just only when I do the following: 1. Start MSFS 2. Select F104 in any livery 3. Start TCE 4. Select the livery I want in TCE 5. Close MSFS by hand (TCE does not restart MSFS automatically) 6. Restart MSFS 7. Select the F104 that I defined with TCE 8. Fly the machine It is rather devious this way but it works indeed. The only thing I noticed is that the climb/dive gauge is not functioning. Thanks you for your assistance. LJ
  3. I did uninstall everything but I cannot reïnstall F104 because I have installed too many times it says. (this could be the case after all problems I had with this program installing and uninstalling) I shoud contact Aerosoft the message says. So what next? LJ
  4. Dear Matthijs,, I just did what you told me to do (replaced the new download TCE-file)but it still for not work. I still get the error message that it cannot write to aircraft.cfg.
  5. Matthijs, In the attachment I enclosed my correspondence with the Captain Sim support crew. It seems to me that there is something the manner in the realations between Aerosoft and CS or am I wrong??
  6. I downloaded F104 starfighter but I cannot choose liveries with TCE. After hitting the "save" button it should restart MSFS but it doesn't. I followed all intructions given to me by the Captain Sim support people but it still won't work right. What should I do? LJ
  7. ok, I understand now why I don't get answers. I have reïnstalled navy amph. support too many times and I just followed the instructions. I have a valid reg.key. What am I doing wrong? LJ
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