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  1. Hourra ! Everythings working well now and scenery looks beautiful. I follow last Bob's post and manually delete Trondheim-Vaernes entry in Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ..... So that Icould reload the scenery from my account and run setup normally. Result on joined picture . Many thanks fot your help. Without it I should not be abble to solve this problèm. Bests Regards. Yves
  2. Thanks to you both for help. Joined SODE.log. I just try a fresh re-install as suggested by using the same prior way to avoid my initial problèm with setup on this computer : Download from my aerosoft account , unzipp and as I make this action for the second time on my second computer again this message when running setup : " The setup found a previous version for this addon. Please uninstall the previous version before running this setup! " (Before sérial key intallation) I have now the same initial problèm on my two computeurs. Is it possible that the zip files purchasef from my account\download page be corrupt ? Yves SODE.log
  3. Hi Otto. In Vaernes v2.0-P3Dv4 I read 227 folders with 2486 files. It seams something is missing ... Regards. Yves
  4. Yes! Both folders are in their good place. Regards. Yves
  5. Hello. Yes! The three files are there. SODE V1.7.1 is installed. GSX and GSX Level2 are Active. Joined the ENVA Configuration tool Yves
  6. Hi Otto. Yes ! In this folder I find a file whose name is : aerosoft_ENVA_SODE_VGDS.XML Here joined 2 screenshots with and without SODE option activated in ENVA Configuration Tool Good evening. Yves
  7. Hello Jonas. You are right those big red cross comes with SODE . But I do not yet solve the problem. ENVA configuration tool seams not to work perfectly with SODE. I must say that it is the first time I have so much compatibility probléms beetwin an Aérosoft product and third addons. - First an elevation problem with FS Global Ultimate NG2020 Europe Mesh , OrbX EU Norway whitch include his own mesh, and AS Trondheim-Vaernes ENVA - Then an installation problem when runnind setup a second time. No issue found at this time. - Now after installing AS ENVA via a non standart way , problem with SODE. Info : If I desactive SODE in the ENVA configuration tool, I see no more jetways at all but always the red crosses. Best regards.Yves
  8. Hello. Today I run the setup with my serial number on another computer and it works well. I then copy the folder Vaernes V2.0-P3Dv4 on the computer where is my P3Dv4. Scenery manually declared. It works also but now I have big red cross in front of the airport. Has somebody à solution ? Thanks. Yves
  9. Hello Jonas. I found the way to check, repair and delete all obsolétes entries from my Windows10 Registry. Unfortunetly when runing the AS Trondheim-Vaernes for P3Dv4 setup (and only this one), I receive always this same message : " The setup found a previous version for this addon. Please uninstall the previous version before running this setup! " Could the setup from Aérosoft be corrupt ? I re-download it from my personal account with the same result. Help is welcome. Regards. Yves
  10. Another question ; May I use Ccleaner for example to repair and delete obsolete Registry entry ? Thanks. Yves
  11. Thanks for answer. No because I do not know how to proceed. Regards. Yves
  12. Hello. Good evening. At first because I had an elevation problem beetwin AS Trondheim-Vaernes for P3Dv4, OrbX FTX_EU_Norway mesh, and FS Global Ultimate NG2020 Europe Mesh. To solve this, I have to re-install AS Trondheim-Vaernes. But I receive this message " The setup found a previous version for this addon. Please uninstall the previous version before running this setup! " In fact, I am sure having uninstall all previous components via this scenery uninstall command. No remaining files in P3D. No entry in P3D Scenery Library or Addons library. No entry in 12bPilot\SODE. But the installer refuse to complete ??? Could you help ? Thanks. Yves
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