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  1. Hi, Before you posted responded i did some searching with MCX and noticed the differences you see below. I changed the parameters on the hangar to match the other, compiled it and the problem went away. After you responded i recreated the issue, deleted the shaders which also worked. Regarding the lights, after lots of testing i boiled it down to be a conflict with the Aerosoft Pisa scenery. When Pisa is deactivated the lights are working properly. But when activated i get the issue again. Further testing showed the culprit to be: KDM_lib.BGL, KDM_flood.fx & KDM_flood.bmp. I moved the .fx & .bmp out of the sim and there was no lights at the main terminal in Oslo. Put these files back in and moved the .bgl out and all normal at Oslo. I know Pisa isn't V4 ready, but i think there is something with Oslo 1.13 to cause this or utilize these files as the issue didn't manifest with 1.12. Morten
  2. The hangar just south of the cargo apron is transparent at night. Checked with 1.12 as well and it had the same issue. I also see some yellow'ish "blobs" from the flloodlights (marked red) sitting around the main terminal building. All other floodlights looks ok (marked green). Did not see this issue with 1.12. Im using p3d 4.3 Morten
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