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  1. Hi just installed the new Airbus and updates no problems at all try it out on a short flight really pleased with the performance no issues only installed p3dv4.3 client update now just to get thru the manuals. thank you,jim
  2. hi if I purchase the new bus does this include all the latest updates or do I have to install them additionally. thanks, jim
  3. thanks I'll stick with the yoke jim
  4. hi just wondering if you can use a flight yoke to fly the Airbus or is a joystick recommended. thanks,jim
  5. I have moved from fsxse to p3dv4 I am used to flying Boeing 737 but now going to change to as Airbus when it becomes available not used the Airbus in flightsim yet so it will be new for me just wondering if a tutorial flight will be included along with the manual, also another weather engine to consider would be opus. thanks.
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