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  1. Thanks, but I discovered that it was FSPassengers causing the G-force error. all OK now. Regards, Mark
  2. Hi there, I am currently using AES and when the tow truck disconnects my PSS777 after pushback. the A/C drops to the ground and I get a message, excessive G-forces and then FS9 resets. I have used the AES Help/Aircraft Parameters/ repair to push facility and this problem still happens. Can anyone help? Regards, Mark
  3. Hi there, I went to the products page to buy the Larnaca scenery that will work for AES, but there was only a FSX version available, and yet AES says that there is an FS9 version. Does the FSX version work with FS9 as there is no mention of compatibilty with FS9 on the FSX page? Regards Mark
  4. Hi there, I like the look of this scenery, but I currently have the NL2000 V2.93 scenery installed, will the mega EHAM conflict or will i need to delete some files? Regards, Mark
  5. Hi Robert, thxs for the quick reply, but I am using FS9, so I'm not quite sure where to put this file regards, Mark
  6. Hi, i recently purchased the captainsim 757, and set it up with AES. However no cargo loaders appear, although all the other ground equipment does, I have double checked that I have set it up correctly with AES Help, but still no joy. Cananyone help please. Regards, Mark Cable
  7. Hi, I have just bought Scandinavia Airports 1 and I do not have a lot of space left on my hard drive where fs2004 is installed, is it possible to install it to another directory other than my fs2004 directory?. i have other freeware and payware scenery installed into a scenery directory on a seperate external drive which seems to work Ok. regards, Mark Cable
  8. Hi, I also have the same problem with no ILS on Rwy 03 with FS9, As you approach the localiser from the west you can see the indicators for the ILS on the MFD, but when you start to turn onto the localiser the indicators suddenly disapear. I have no problems with the ILS on Rwy21. I checked to see if the scenery layer was on top and it is the one beneath AES, so that is ok, also ILS is showing up in FSNav. Regards, Mark
  9. Hi all, is it just me or does anyone find it strange that this is the 3rd flightsim site to be hacked in the last 6 weeks. 1st. Vatsim about 6 weeks ago, three servers were out for a week. 2nd. I've just read on the forums that another flightsim site was hacked a couple of weeks ago, a software company i believe. 3rd. AVSIM, completely ruined. It sounds to me that there is someone out there with a serious grudge against flightsimmers, I hope they catch whoever it is quickly and 1: cut their internet & 2: take a sledgehammer to their equipment. My best friend, who is a scot has a great saying for these idiots. "They need hitting around the head with a sock filled with their own S***e"! good luck AVSIM hope you get back online soon, we need you all the best Mark
  10. Cheers everybody, I have also found this site which has links to FS files, very comprehensive, although a lot of the links point to AVSIM Many thanks, Mark
  11. Cheers, I was specifically looking for the Naples (LIRN) file, I found one on, but I'm not sure if its the one for AES. It's called for FS2004. Oliver is it possible to add the file names alongside the airports, so you can search for them in the help page? if the above file is not the corect one can anyone e-mail it to me at regards Mark
  12. Hi Oliver, After yesterdays tragic announcement about the loss of the Avsim servers, would it be possible to amend the AES product page with new links to the various AES airport files, or with Avsim down does this mean that we cannot download these files anymore? regards, Mark
  13. Hi Shaun, Whew! finally managed to get the flightplans to show up. I found that in the Bae146 and ATR after inputing the data into the perf init page and executing (no flight plan appears) you then have to go back into the legs page and press execute again and hey presto. This threw me as in most FMC's after you press execute the first time the flightplan appears, as what happens when you use the Airbus. Anyway thanks for all your help regards, Mark
  14. Hi Shaun, can confirm Nav/GPS switch is set to Nav. Have tried starting with the default Cessna at KSEA flight, only the airbus gets waypoints on the ND, the ND's on the BAE 146 or ATR's with EFIS remain without waypoints in map mode. All power switches on, FMC fully activated with same route entered for the airbus. EFIS control panel set to state in previous posts. regards, Mark
  15. Hi Shaun, thats what i have been doing all along, have attached a screenshot. i can confirm there is power to the aircraft and all the avionics switches are on. regards Mark Cockpit_BAE146_300QT_EFIS.bmp
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