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  1. Hi Oliver I have deleted an activated AES airport from my computer,but AES Help stil thinks it exists but is inactive. It still appears in my "Installed Airport " list and whenever I start up it asks if this airport should be activated. How do I remove it ? Regards David
  2. Hi Oliver with V 2.21 a third catering truck has become active on the PMDG 747-400 at the R1 door (right side front) This truck always seems to get in the way of apron kit...palletts etc.... as does the R2 door truck. Is there a way to configure the catering service to the two rear right doors only.....to avoid the ground equipment..... it looks very odd when the service trucks drive through the apron gear as if they are invisible. the animated humans with the catering trucks are really cool !.......looking forward to the same with the cleaners ! Regards David
  3. Hi Oliver Thanks for the new intellscene.cfg file for my 747........problem fixed a treat ! I would find a keystroke option to call/withdraw the cargo loaders useful....... Any chance of one sometime ? your help is much appreciated Best regards David
  4. Hi Oliver The aes config does not give the option to configure the starboard passenger doors on the PMDG 747-400 Intellscene.cfg as per:- [Descr] Type=B744 [Geom] Nosegear= 26.9 Door1=-2.8, 24.85, 4.4, 5 Door2=-2.85, 15.35, 4.6 Door3=-2.9,-6.75, 4.65 Front= 1.6, 21.1, 2.3 Rear= 1.5,-10.7, 2.5 Regards David
  5. Hi Oliver Thanks for the fast reply......I'll check it out A.S.A.P. Regards David
  6. Hi Oliver Thanks for the latest version. I'm a new AES user and much enjoy using it......for the jetways,followme car and pushback especially. I do not use the service trucks however because the cleaning service truck drives from the rear of my 747... to forward of the starboard wing before driving through the starboard outer engine on the way to the door just behind the wing ! Why does it need to go forward of the wing at all ? The catering truck looks fine........but cannot be used alone...unless my setup is wrong. please advise David
  7. Hi Aerosoft I'm an AES newbie so this may be a daft question. Departing Gate 4 EGBB with the JustFlight/FeelThere/Wilco A320 the only option is correctly "nose left" on pushback. The marshal goes to the right side of the A/C to signal "clear to taxi" but he cannot be seen from the left hand seat. Can he be made to go to the left side ?
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