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  1. Hi Herman, great info and I will certainly try this at the weekend. I will report back in due course. Many thanks ken
  2. If I give you some background info. I'm a licensed engineer on the A320/330/340 aircraft. In addition I have spent several hundred hours on the flight deck of these aircraft. When im flying the A330 and I apply full left or right aileron, I hear the audible flight spoiler handle being deployed and I see the flight spoilers on both wings deflected. I then reset the handle either with the mouse or default P3D key and all is OK. It only happens with full scale aileron deflection. I have installed the AS 320 family which I have owned in both 32 and 64 bit version without any issues. As previuosly stated, all my other addons function correctly in regards to ground and flight spoiler deployment. I'll try and capture at the weekend for you. Right now I'm getting prepared for a 340-600 demonstration flight so,flyingbfor real πŸ˜‰
  3. Yes, because this one one of the a turns yhat was suggested despite me says no that this was and still is a clean install on a clean windows install.
  4. Ok, clean windows installed. Clean P3D installed. P3D default key and contΓ³l assignments. All works on the A320. The fact that you cannot reproduce this does not mean that the fault doesn't not exists. I've rebuilt the config file, I have nothing else installed. When the A330 launched and there was a deluge of company's about the flight controls, despite testing by real A 330 pilots, there wa a hotfix issued. Why? A complainabout spoilers by one person illicits less reaction. Come on. I'm going to bang on about all my other addons simply because they work right out of the box, I don't need to tweak this or that. I install, load the sim and fly, simp.
  5. I will certainly try Herman's advice. But tell everyone. It looks like it if set that per the screen shot then pressing F2 will give me full reverse thrust rather than gradual reverse thrust if ipress F2 repeatedly? Can you confirm? Thnaks, Ken
  6. It's your aircraft. Works perfectly well in ALL my other addons, including in the external view.
  7. Are you saying that the control logic between the AS A320 family and the A330 is different?
  8. Understood. My point was not the technology per se but the difference between two device formats that could replay video. In order to run the A330 (Betamax) it seems that the user needs to make changes to settings which work happily with other major (VHS) addons. So, I fly the A330 but first I need to adjust my bloom down to zero, then I need to check all my axis assignments and make sure my active weather is not too active. Now I jump into my Dash 8 or NGXu and put my P3D and ASN back to the previous settings which have no adverse effects. If anything you might expect the Dash 8 to have issues given that it is modelled out with the normal,constraints of P3D but no, it works. Anticipation and expectations followed by reality and frustration which I sincerely hope does not turn into an aircraft which will i might end up putting into long term storage πŸ€”
  9. I'm getting the impression that Aerosoft are developing Betamax while every other manufacturer is going with VHS. πŸ€”πŸ˜‰
  10. +1. Should be a user option to enable/disable.
  11. Oh I shall certainly try that. And will report report back the results.
  12. Mmm and yet this only affects the Aerosoft A330. External reverse works in all my other addons including the A320s. I'm becoming very despondent that the first line of defense from Aerosoft is that it must be a user system or config or combination thereof. Without wanting to quote the competition, but with little choice, my 737, 737ngu, 747, 777, 757 and 787..... all controls and animations internally and externally work when commanded either with the default P3D key settings and/or with specific controller added settings.
  13. Similar problem except I don't use FSUIPC to map any functions. If if I land in spot view and select F2 nothing happens. If I then switch to virtual cockpit mode and select F2 it works. All controls set within P3D and all default. F2 works in spot or virtual views with thecA320.
  14. Nothing wrong with my controls. I've since added the A320 family and they work perfectly. All my controls are mapped using the P3D settings. Further to this, the A330 spoiler lever reacts intermittently to selection from either the default key or the programmed controller key. Ground spoiler armed works fine but selecting spoilers is erratic. Again, all works flawlessly in the A320s so not a control issue.
  15. Default the sliding table sound at 11:34.
  16. Fresh install of Windows 10, P3D V4.5 SP2 (only, no other addons) and A330 V1.0.0.2. Handling in general is much improved. However, I have an issue with spoiler deployment. In the air during approach, I arm the spoilers - no problem. However, on occasion, the spoilers will deploy if I input full left or right aileron. No weather, no other addons, just plain P3D V4.5 SP2 so there is nothing else to influence this behaviour.
  17. So what were your exact weather conditions? You ask us for specifics and then make a general statement about how you flew with varying weather with no issues. How about you post your exact setup that users can replicate to see if we still have issue.
  18. It's actually based on the EASA Type Certificate: The maximum number of passengers approved for emergency evacuation is: ο€­ 375 basic (3 Type A and 1 Type 1 doors installed) ο€­ 440 option (4 Type A doors installed – Mod 40161)
  19. If that was the case then I'd have issues with PMDG 737, 777, 747, QW 757, 787 Majestic DH8D and also the Aerosoft A320 family, and the recently released CRJ all of which perform correctly. The only item that appears to be not standard is the A330.
  20. I've also noticed airspeed problems when flying in weather. Despite a headwind of approx 34kts, the aircraft would not slow down until I had dropped the gear, full flaps and speed brakes. Engines were at idle for the full approach, autothrottle off, and using the latest ECAM file which improved the overall roll handling but pitch is still very jerky.
  21. At Max gross weight I don't even need to apply throttle to move, the aircraft moves off in its own and quickly gathers pace resulting in constant brake application..
  22. A330 Same problem for me but with a joystick. Full scale left rudder deflection and the aircraft kept veering to the right on takeoff. Default axis calibration, FSUIPC installed but not used for flight control calibration.
  23. Nice aircraft, In real life EC-KDH is an A320-214 - i.e. CFM engines installed. Your repaint shows A320-232 in the cfg file and also the model.
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