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  1. Thanks. It was 445am and I was too lazy to go back two pages to find that post
  2. I'm not sure if anyone has requested this but I'd like to see G-DBCB in my sim one day British Airways "Golden Dove" Livery
  3. KPHX would be good to do some southwest flights. I'm eagerly waiting for this one to come!
  4. Correct, I have to have it disabled whenever I fly into KSFO because as soon as wheels touch down, if I remember correctly, the sim would crash or something of that sort. I can't remember because last time it happened was when they first released it.
  5. I have the airport and from what I remember, it doesn't support the "Detect Crash" feature. I'm not sure if they changed that with the updates they've made in the past.
  6. So I have two more requests that maybe Holgi, sir, can accomplish. Doesn't really matter which one comes first or which on you'd rather do. I love you JB paints you have listed on your site (especially the I <3 NY) so maybe you can give these a shot? N651JB
  7. Looks like I'll have to try this version of X-Pane also. I have XP9 but I just can't get used to it lol.
  8. The other side has nothing on it. Thanks EDIT: The name of the plane is 'Real Steel'
  9. http://nycaviation.c...plane/?pid=1378 more pictures here. Hopefully someone can do the livery. Please.
  10. So I was wondering, maybe someone can do this paint I believe the name of the plane is also 'Real Steel' -Chris
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