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  1. Hey Guys., the latest versions are now uploaded on the servers of Aerosoft!
  2. Hello Agera1204, thats good news Thank you!.
  3. Hello WolfTF, Now that you mention it, of course, I hadn't thought of that.
  4. Hello balus, I assume that they send the latest fix to Aerosoft, and in the meantime there is a new version of the 777 from PMDG since last night, i think that's why the whole thing is delayed a bit. Infos about it can be found here: https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/114223-02mar21-update-for-pmdg-777-product-line-is-now-available-via-the-operations-center
  5. Hello Puukkaa, I don't know but can it be that you are confusing the forum or the thread, this is about the 777 from PMDG for P3Dv5 and not about the FlyByWire A320Neo or the mod, maybe you should write your problem in the forum of MSFS2020, there should be someone and help you with your Problem.
  6. I think you won't get any big new news, we're all waiting for the update here, it is of course frustrating but what do you want to do,its also depends on PMDG because they have brought out a new update last night. Wie sagen wir in Deutschland so schön "abwarten und Tee trinken".
  7. Hello DVA12924, the version number should be the following since tonight: 1.11.1143
  8. I don't think that's possible, if it did, everyone would surely change their license as quickly as possible to PMDG today, and thus be able to obtain the update earlier than from AS. I think we should just give Aersoft the time it needs.
  9. Moin, ich denke beantworten kann dir das so gut wie keiner hier, ist leider abhängig von PMDG es gibt aber bereits ein Forum Thread wo darüber geschrieben wurde schau dort einfach mal rein s. Link unten!. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/159955-pmdg-777-p3dv5-update/&tab=comments#comment-1018028
  10. Hello Chris767, i have read that post also in the PMDG Forum, anyway thx for the info, let us see an wait...
  11. Hello mopperle i can only say what I have read, and according to another customer of Aerosoft who said he had read a post where Mr. Kok said in an interview with FSElite that you should have received the data from PMDG after the store closed on Friday, but as you already say, we'll just wait a little longer and see when the update is also available for us here in the shop, so we calm down and wait.
  12. Hello Finn, that was not my statement, of course not, sorry that you have misunderstood my message, for this reason i had written earlier the following "although it is very likely that Aerosoft has no influence on this because the data comes directly from PMDG and are therefore dependent on them,, i also think that everyone who knows Aerosoft a little longer knows that you are based in Paderborn, Germany, and that they don't work on weekends, i think so everything is said from my site.
  13. I also hope that Aerosoft uploads the latest version today, i hope that in the future the whole thing might run a little more efficiently, so that even customers of Aerosoft can get the products from PMDG no later than the next day, although it is very likely that Aerosoft has no influence on this because the data comes directly from PMDG and are therefore dependent on them.
  14. Hey, make sure you start PFPX as Admin that should fix the problem for you.
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