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  1. Predictable but any death of a flightsim team is sad. That producer really needs a boot up the botty. Hopeless, could have been so much better.

    Yes, our money is there for the taking P3D and Austin. Just fix everything pronto so it runs easier/prettier.

  2. Hehe, I'm quite pleased actually. Keep it up Aerosoft! But seriously, most of what I've seen is just better looking versions of what is already out there for FSX or being done in conjunction with the FSX version. Plenty of room for both, until one eventually grows.

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  3. Delete if u want, but I just wanted to add re. Poll...

    YES, I have bought all the decent add-ons for it. I've come out and said it's pretty darned good generally, esp fps and graphics. You can use it on max settings and still see 40fps on my old pc.

    But like most, I am frustrated, they keep releasing warbirds with no cockpits! It's really lazy of them.

    The area of Hawaii is actually pretty big (payware version). And impressively detailed. Great multiplayer.

    So im flying xplane the most, uninstalling fsx sceneries from my SSD as I need more room for xp and flight. Im not flying flight much lately, at least until Alaska comes out and another plane with a cockpit is released. The Maule's pit is very good, fully functioning controls. I've never paid for a cockpitless plane and never will.

  4. Sorry for the late reply Mathijs, I only use my mobile phone for net stuff in evenings and mornings, and your forum is not viewable on it.

    Flight has IFR capabilities, like VOR navigation and ILS where present at the airport. Once you know how to display the Nav facilities in the map, it all makes sense. There's a challenge where you land the Maule (I think) in thick fog, and I at least have found it too challenging so far (almost there, but there's a nasty crosswind to make things more interesting).

    But no FMC. Not that I personally use those things alot.

  5. New update to flight last night, more autogen density, apparently smoother controls too. Not much time to check it out, but the denser scenery was great and starting to push my system. This thing is a sleeper, like a 1,000 ft long snail, crawling slowly but surely. Watch out for it. I am very impressed, happy to wait for it to evolve more. Already it has great IFR features and the online component is a killer feature.

    Here's my sick avatar, I did my best to come up with the weirdest look! Would prefer to have my pants up higher...

    Mathijs, I love your approach to ageing. I'm only 21!


  6. XP 10 seems to be very depending on GPU. I have tested it on a Windows 7 64bit PC, AMD quad core processor @2.9 GHz. CPU usage was about 10% on each core, GPU usage was 100% all the time (Radeon 4200 HD). Frame rate: 1-2 fps, no matter, if the settings were very low or very high. Hopefully, they'll improve that maybe even before Aerosoft releases its version. They could maybe switch some tasks from the GPU to the CPU?

    BTW: 0 AI planes

    I feel your pain, but your plea makes me chuckle a little- for years people have been complaining about flightsims being too CPU-centric! I'm not sure of the age of your gpu, an upgrade might be in store.

  7. Hi Mathijs, our blog is getting quite a few questions re. Your plans for xp10 in 2012!

    Do you know the approx release date? Can 'non-Europeans' order? If we buy the U.S. version, will we be able to purchase an upgrade to get your nice sounding additions?

    Thanks for all your support and alliance with xplane, it's going to be a great yr.


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