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  1. Hey, Bodo, you have generalized a bit too much. I have EDDF, EDDM, EDDT, EDDH, EDDK, EDDP and EDNY and don't plan to buy the others available at the moment (priorities, priorities).
  2. Yes, a really long story. Since I live over 80 kilometres from the nearest airport, I usually spot, photograph and listen to high flying airliners. I have no doubts. Designing virtual scenery (at least in some cases) has climbed such an incredible level, that I can judge it from preview screenshots like the above! I've been to Greece but only continental (landing at LGTS). At present I am trying to convince my wife to have a week's visit to Crete this summer. Guess why?
  3. 220 on a Fouga CM-170R Magister:
  4. And in my case it is much more wierd. I've never been to Crete in RW and now I really want to go there. If I do, I will try to recognize places from these screenshots (ill use them a a reference)! EDIT: Looks like all signs here and there tell me to go to Heraklion. While typing the above words I heard a jet over my roof, so I grabbed my camera and rushed to the window. I took a quick photo and to my surprise it was an Enter Air 737-4Q8 returning to Katowice from... Heraklion! The proof:
  5. Finaly the last part of the DD Polish Airports series has been released! These time three more international ports: ICAO: EPBY - NAME:Bydgoszcz Szwedorowo ICAO: EPPO - NAME:Poznan Lawica ICAO: EPWR - NAME:Wroclaw Strachowice TYPE: PAYWARE FS: FS9 (FSX to come later) DESIGNER: Drzewiecki Design Link: http://secure.simmar...l3-fs2004.phtml AES 2.26
  6. Maybe the reason lies here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54485-caracas-airport-icao-code/
  7. Wow, one of the most missing international airports in the FS history has finally landed! ICAO: VIDP NAME: New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport FS: FS9/FSX TYPE: Payware DESIGNER: ImagineSim Link: http://secure.simmar...dp-fs2004.phtml AES 2.24
  8. Nice, but nothing beats Mother Nature.
  9. Fred, out of curiosity, what is new about AI traffic in FSX (compared to FS9-style)?
  10. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54360-ground-environment-x-africa-middle-east-fsxfs2004/
  11. Of course you can re-enter all your credit keys you will find after logging into your Aerosoft account.
  12. Well... I wouldn't think that is a rule. The 'X' may really be misleading. Straight from the Aerosoft shop: Mega Airport Athens X (FSX+FS2004) Friedrichshafen X (FSX+FS2004) Maastricht-Aachen X (FSX+FS2004+Prepar3D) Djerba X (FSX+FS2004) Keflavik X (FSX+FS2004) Nice Côte d`Azur X (FSX+FS2004) Vilnius International X (FSX+FS2004) Stuttgart X (FSX+FS2004) Larnaca X (FSX+FS2004) Mega Airport Barcelona X (FSX+FS2004) Weeze X (FSX+FS2004) Mega Airport Amsterdam X (FSX+FS2004) Gibraltar X (FSX+FS2004) Antalya X (FSX+FS2004) Menorca X (FSX+FS2004) Kleinflugplätze Schweiz X Teil 3 (FSX+FS2004) et cetera...
  13. Fantastic to hear that, Bill. Many happy flights to Germany!
  14. How about posting here? http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/29660-what-if-you-like-to-propose-a-project/
  15. No, because otherwise nobody would buy more than one credit pack for AES.
  16. One more voice of appreciation here. Danke, Aerosoft / German Airports team!
  17. Deactivate your ISD Olbia scenery.
  18. Here is your airline http://jetphotos.net...7333035&nseq=63 http://www.flyniki.com/prepage.php
  19. Good point, děkuju! My bad. I must be getting blind to see 299 instead of 209... Sorry guys, let's get back to 210. 210 on a Cessna 210:
  20. Looks like we both are using different versions of English. And talking about insults, what you suggest I was saying is insulting. It would be a nonsense for me to apologize for someone else's interpretation of my words. But since now each of us is talking about something else, let us close this discussion for the sake of this peaceful forum.
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