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  1. Hi Jeroen! Thanks for posting. Yes, I've seen your post before, but didn't notice anything about the airstars. Someone could say it's just an eye-candy, but since all the AES idea could be called an eye-candy-like addon, this feature would implement even more realism to what it does to our flights. Luggage trucks and other vehicles are welcome too, of course. Frankly speaking I've been waiting for a product like AES for all my looong years of flightsimming. I don't treat MFS like a pure aircraft simulator (I've been to a real one and it cannot be compared). Hard to explain but it's rather a complex "aviation simulation". We simulate not only the aircraft's behaviour, but also the terrain (with detailed mesh, seasonal tree textures, etc), weather (thanks to AS6), interactive control (viva VATSIM!) and, of course, the airport functioning. Realistic boarding, pushback, load and followme were always missing. Today again I finished up being sent by ATC to a gate which appeared to be a stand only and I had to end up with making the pax use the emergency slide... :wink: Best regards, Rafal P.S. another idea I can't stop thinking about is the co-operation between AES and VATSIM. Haven't tried yet. Has anyone :?:
  2. Right, hard to hide the fact... :oops: I'd better consult a good eye doctor.
  3. Well, that was an A319 from IFDG which I had previously configured with the AES "Set Aircraft Parameters". Sorry for posting the problem here instead of the Customer Support subforum, but I initially wanted to mention the idea of interactive airstairs. :wink: Best regards, Rafal EDIT: I've returned to the same gate at LEBL a moment ago and used another aircraft. This time I could see the marshaller much better. So I will reconfigure my A319's file as it looks like I may have made a mistake causing the problem.
  4. Thanks Ian, I know that trick too. But sometimes it is not enough. The marshaller in Barcelona ended up right below my aircraft's nose, so that wouldn't be enough. Best regards, Rafal
  5. "Save changes and close window" and then "Exit program" works fine for me. If it doesn't for you, try reinstalling you AES. I'm sure that will help. Best regards, Rafal
  6. Guten Abend! I've bought another credit pack for AES today to enjoy more airports. I've made two delightful flights. One from Munich to Frankfurt and the other to Barcelona. However, on this occasion, two questions came to my mind. I'd like to share them with you here. 1. Some gates are assigned as stands in parking areas. There are no jetways of course. Wouldn't it be great to add the approaching airstairs feature? After stopping the aircraft and opening the door we could get the airstairs-truck coming for pax, just like in real life. I believe this feature shouldn't be time-consuming or difficult to make for you at all and would add even more to this wonderful product. 2. Sometimes I seem to have some problems with seeing marshallers. When they cross their arms overhead for the stop sign, I cannot see them from the cockpit (that's exactly what happened to me at El Prat a quarter ago). I have to go outside the plane to spot view to see the final moments of marshalling. I do have a correct intelliscene file. Is this normal? Best regards, Rafal
  7. Thank you very much, Gentlemen! With this new release, you've made my day. Going to have some fun at KBOS in a moment. Looking forward to Dubai as well as all next pearls. Best regards, Rafal
  8. You already have it installed! Have a look at your Start Menu. Go to PMDG Simulations/PMDG 747-400 Operating Manuals/12 FMC Users Guide Hope that helps. Best regards, Rafal
  9. Oliver! Thaks for your usual immediate and optimistic answer! I asked about Dubai since this is one of the sceneries I fly to most. As you seemingly co-operate with SimWings and Fly Tampa, I hope other developers will also want to take part in AES. I mean payware scenery artists, like for example Cloud9, UK2000 or SwedFlight Pro. Is there also any future chance for some common AESing with our freeware giants or you're planning to stick to payware stuff? I mean titles like: ISD (Rome, Milan), FISD (Helsinki), HSP (Athens) and, of course, VOZ (Sydney, Melbourne)? I'm asking not in order to put stress, since I wholeheartedadly appreciate your work and thank you for it, but just because I'm really curious how much potential AES has, at least in your eyes. Thanks in advance, Rafal
  10. Forgot their golden classic - Dubai? Anyway thanks for the new ones! Looking forward to them. AES seems to me like a great car with limited fuel. Now we can burn some more "petrol"...
  11. Thank you, dear Oliver! Everything working smooth now. You guys, here at Aerosoft, have a light-speed support to follow by others. Now I can buy another pack of credits for my AES. Thanks again! Your happy customer, Rafal TO GWIDON: P.S. Grzesiu, milego boardingowania i pushbackowania! Mam nadzieje, ze sie kiedys dorobimy scenerii EPWA godnej AESa...
  12. Waldus, nie jestes jedyny! Well, guess there are more of us now. I've been waiting impatiently for AES 1.21. due to my 1.20 problem described in another post. I finally got 1.21 today. Installed and... here's what welcome I've received: :roll:
  13. Shaun and Oliver, Thank you both for your immediate assistance. You guys really have axcellent support here at Aerosoft. Pure pleasure to buy your great products and use them not being let alone. I'll wait for AES 1.21 till the end of the week to apply it. There is really no need for me now to fly round trips to Frankfurt. Just like you said: it happens only while coming back to the departure airport. And I hope new airports will be coming soon to get credits for and enjoy the AES world. As I seem to be getting strange problems, think of making me a beta tester for future! Best regards, Rafal
  14. Dear Shaun, Thanks a lot for your interest and help. Unfortunately the priority is not the problem since mine is like the one presented in your screen. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the runways back, I finally deleted MAF, downloaded the installer again and made a fresh install. This time the runways got their textures back. I don't have a slightest idea why. Do you? But the second problem remains. Still incompatibility when landing in Frankfurt. For now the result is that after applying the patch FS terminates while trying to load any AES airport (EDDF and LOWW in my case). I will try to play with AES-Fix-120a more tomorrow. Or maybe the announced 1.21 version will make it easier? By the way: does the fact that AES needs the highest priority mean than after installing every single scenery into my FS9 I'll have to move it again in the scenery library? Best regards and have a good night, Rafal P.S. Except for the above problem I find AES a gorgeous product! Just bring us more airports (like EGLL/EGKK, LFPG, EFHK, LIRF, LIMC, ESSA, EKCH, EHAM...)! :wink:
  15. Hi there! Last days I've been trying to solve two problems with Mega Airport Frankfurt scenery (order no.1000020249). But since I didn't succeed, I decided to ask for help here. 1. My EDDF runways 07/25 look bad. Like they had no textures (they are grey) or the textures were very pale or dim. But runway 18... looks normal. Here you can see the picture showing the problem (please compare rwys 18 and 07): I'm using UT Europe and GE. My EDDF entries in the scenery library are in the following order (after UTE and not "covered" by any other scenery): [Area.048] - EDDF_LC [Area.049] - EDDF_2005 [Area.050] - AESliteforGAP-EDDF 2. On approach to EDDF I get the message of AES incompatibility. I've made a search here on the Forum and have found a file (AES-Fix-120a) to patch it. The problem is that after the bgl exchange when I launch FS9 I cannot go directly (by Airport Select) to any of the AES airports since FS automatically terminates showing an UNKNOWN error. The solution is to reinstal AES 1.2 but then I get the incompatibility report again. What should I do? Thanks in advance, Rafal
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