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  1. In my opinion it is one of the best MFS aircraft addons ever (for years my favourite together with LH Maddog). Ultra realistic systems, great modelling and animations, great sound, navigraph support and more. But, as Israel mentioned above, it offers only 2D panels. A virtual cockpit was promised and even some development screenshots were shown, but it never saw the light (and I don't think it will). Digital Aviation, the creators of this little gem, actually ceased to exist. Part of the team is working on the CRJ previewed here in the Aerosoft forums. But any questions about the F70/100 VC or further developement tend to remain unanswered. So, all in all, if you like complex addons, need a great regional jet AND don't mind flying in the 2D cockpit environment (a widescreen version is available in the net), there is no way you will be disappointed. I need to mention I was using it in FS9, but I don't think the FSX version would be any worse.
  2. Keep an eye on the official preview forum: http://forum.flights...&t=588&start=40
  3. What strikes me most is that the previous time I visited this thread I noticed 'KLM737' having minus four votes. Which is much less than deserved for such a pointless, childish and rude posting. And now what? Some folks... voted it up! What kind of kindergarden game is it? Are you voting this rudeness up just to say how much you hate when someone uses a different game version than you? Or maybe you just love such posts and want more of them? If so, then please give his post ten more thumbs up! That's the type of posting we need here at Aerosoft... EDIT I would forget: I would also like to buy an FS9 version of this addon. Now please jump on me!
  4. Hi, Oliver! Could you please check stands at Polish Airports vol.1 EPGD (I am using the FS9 version)? I was guided by the followme car to stand 34 and had to cross through a lamp post. Looks like some stands (at least 34 and 35) are not correctly configured. See the screenshot: Thanks in advance! BTW If you get some spare minutes, please support also EPKT - a small airport with no jetways really and we've been waiting so long... I don't even dare to ask for PA vol.3 airports...
  5. There are faulty textures in the Spanair pack. A320 and MD-8X as far as I remember. You need to check them (eg. with ImageTool or Dxtbmp) and convert from 32 bit into DXT3. If you don't feel confident to edit the textures just uninstall Spanair pack. They are gone in real world anyway.
  6. Hello, AFL221! We report ideas and suggestions here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/29660-what-if-you-like-to-propose-a-project/page__st__1000
  7. The thieves are back.
  8. Thank you Emil! I started being afraid you may have skipped it. Much appreciated, will be thanked for with my credit card the second it is released. Keep bombing us with those magnificent screenshots!
  9. True, true. The unbelievable talent of Russian developers can be seen in numerous freeware addons like USSS (an older version), UNNT, URSS, ULLI, USNN, URMM, URRR, UDYZ, and many others. Beautiful and very detailed and in a very interesting part of the world. Hope to see more top notch airports from Russia released by Aerosoft for both FS9 and FSX (and AESed of course!).
  10. Johannes, I think Alessandro would like to know if AES support for USSS will come with the next AES version or maybe earlier as an update (such things happened in the past). Otherwise he would rather wait with the purchase. For many people the fact of an addon airport having AES support is a decisive factor.
  11. Wow, another great scenery to come. Rainer, we want more screenshots! Spot on!
  12. ICAO: VNKT NAME: Kathmandu Tribhuvan Intl, Nepal (Himalaya!) FS: FS9/FSX TYPE: Payware DESIGNER: Thai Creations Link: http://secure.simmar...rt-fs2004.phtml AES 2.32
  13. Not to go into details, yes.
  14. Many years ago I was learning to fly an Airbus doing short test flights with PSS buses from and to Toulouse, Airbus home airport. I was hoping to come back to Toulouse with my better Airbus, however the 2005 rendition of the airport looks now way too old in my eyes. If this addon is released also for FS9, that is going to be one of my most frequented FS locations ever. I miss it much in my virtual world. For now I am happy my FSX friends are going to get it already next week. Bons vols!
  15. JColes, do you have the latest version (1.04) installed? I would say there has been a significant improvement in performance since the initial version.
  16. Mario, I'm on FS9 and you (I guess) might be on FSX, but in case the file names are the same, try renaming extensions of all files called 'statvhc...' from BGL to something else, e.g. BGX and see what happens.
  17. What else could it have been if it was made one year before FSX was released?
  18. Toulouse, I can't believe it! I've been waiting for it since I got the 2005 version.... W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l news (especially if the FS9 version comes too).
  19. Just redownload them from the online shop where you bought them. Then install them normally with your serial numbers and you are ready to go.
  20. How about asking here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54592-request-your-custom-vehicle-repaints-here/
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