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  1. With FRAPS you can record whatever you see in the sim. So this is up to you what views and perspectives you shoot. Plus even in Windows Movie Maker you can edit your videos (eg cut off unnecessary parts, both image and sounds). Just try and I am sure your videos will look more professional.
  2. Think of editing/cutting your videos at least a bit. Here the takeoff roll starts after more than a minute and completely nothing happens before. Not that much happens after. Try changing something, like adding a different perspective (another wing view at a different angle, the engine view, etc) It is hard for anyone to concentrate on it without moving the slider forward in hope to see something else.
  3. ICAO: TXKF NAME: Bermuda L.F.Wade International TYPE: Payware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: LatinVFR LINK: http://secure.simmar...muda-txkf.phtml AES 2.32
  4. Please repost in the appropriate requests thread: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/29660-what-if-you-like-to-propose-a-project/
  5. Well, it would take some time. Please do a search in the net, it is quite a popular topic in the flightsim communities. For now follow my advice from the above post, apply the patch, and see if there is a difference. Good, so no need for another patch (never mind what) Some AI packages, including WOAI, contain faulty aircraft, eg. repaints with mixed texture formats (32-bit and DXT3). They may cause memory problems. To check it, try Delhi and Macau without traffic (set it to 0%) and see if there is a difference. Good in this case - one suspect crossed out.
  6. Jackson, 1. Do you have the 3GB/4GB switch applied to your fs9.exe? ....If not, backup your fs9.exe and then apply this: http://ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php 2. On what OS are you (XP 32, XP64, Vista 32, Vista 64, Win 7 32, Win 7 64)? 3. Do you have AI traffic installed? If so, what traffic is it? 4. Do you have Ultimate Terrain Europe installed? If so, do you have all patches?
  7. Oliver, People ask about it quite often. I would suggest making a sticky post about it. You won't have to write the same thing every time.
  8. Maybe you have a faulty AI aircraft or, less probably, a faulty or duplicate afcad.
  9. Francois, Thanks for a great lesson on navigation. I loved 747-200(F)'s. Pity there are very few left flying around Europe. 747-200 was the first aircarft I flew on a transcontinental route in real life... And, interestingly, the first aircraft I flew on a transcontinental route in MFS In the times when FS clouds where made of cubes, lol) . Back on topic though, I don't have the scenery yet (waiting for the FS9 version) but I am sure it will be a great company for the already awesome Anchorage. Thorsten makes excellent sceneries (for both FS9 and FSX) and this is just another example of that.
  10. I couldn't agree more. I wish all developers did it by standard.
  11. A great idea, mate! I'll consider it too.
  12. Default ATC in both FS9 and FSX is quite stupid and that, to be honest, cannot be really changed. I advise that you choose a stand on your own and request AES guidance there. In case the stand is occupied, you can use the FSUIPC Traffic Zapper to shoot it down (if you have a registered license of FSUIPC).
  13. Gentlemen, I am afriad the developer in this case has been out of business for quite a long time. For this reason Flightzone scenery (a great one all in all) is still sold but is not supported.
  14. Bodo, Please remember this is an Aerosoft forum and Mathijs is the host here. The fact is he can write, do and decide whatever he and his team wish. Any statements any developers, not only Aerosoft, may make at any moment are not firm and do evolve in time depending on many factors only they know. I remember similar problems with FlyTampa, PMDG, CaptainSim, Carenado and many others. Please notice I am an FS9 user myself and I would love a new Hahn for FS9, but harsh posts like yours only add fuel to the fire in which we are already minority. Thanks for understanding and please don't get angry. Most FS9-ers are very experienced and mature simmers and it is great when they present mature attitude in their posts.
  15. Simply fantastic and breathtaking! By the way I love that small apron at the beginning of the runway. I must park there once the (FS9) scenery is released! Of course I won't try to do it directly. I will first decelerate and do a backtrack.
  16. Maybe you can change your mind on that, Oliver? Better give it to us, FS9-ers, than to nobody.
  17. See this post: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54471-berlin-brandenburg-airport-preview-of-a-preview/#entry373947
  18. Emilios, Not only a great scenery addon but also an outstanding GUI! I've never seen such a detailed interface on a scenery addon. Especially with choosing the Areas to be displayed. I am literally impressed.
  19. Of course this discussion is a dead horse (for many FS9-ers, including me, too), plus if Mathijs says FS9 versions don't bring him money then it obviously is so, but I would like to comment on one thing: Mathijs, are you really saying screenshots of quality scenery addons developed for FS9 in the last few years look like those which were made eight years ago? You know that a lot has changed in the scenery development techniques. I realize best scenery will look better in FSX as the textures will have higher resolution. But, come on, you can't say Flytampa's, Flightbeam's, UK2000's, Drzewiecki Design's, Sim-Wing's or German Airport Team's airports made in, let's say, 2010 or 2011 look like being made back in 2004. I have tones of scenery for FS9, including a lot of payware which was later remade (like some German airports), and the difference is so immense that I couldn't even look at my 2004 or 2005 versions (still hoping for LFBO). What is more, most of the time I have also FSX installed (I need it e.g. for my beta testing tasks) and would like to say that comparing most airports released for both platforms I cannot really see any clear difference. I could take some screenshots of EDDF terminals from both sims, show here and let you guess which is which. I am talking about airports (my way of simming), not landscape or small scale airfields where highest quality FSX texturing cannot be beaten (like ORBX). And once again, I am NOT discussing the financial aspect of developing FS9 payware scenery. Mathijs knows ten times better than me and I believe him in that matter. True and thank you for that. I do appreciate it and have spent a lot of money on it (my wife would say: much too much, lol). And for those FS9-haters who will soon vote my post down, please spend a short moment thinking honestly if what I wrote is untrue and if these words do any harm to you.
  20. Emilios, my brother! Your screenshots like this one make my heart beat like crazy: Plus they make my AirSimmer airbus wildly jump around the hangar (luckily the door is heavily locked). The summer holiday season has started, so your scenery, together with FSDG's HESH, is a hot cake desired by many! Please show us as many screenshots as possible to lessen the pain of waiting. Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ
  21. Version 1.0


    AES intelliscene file for FS9 AirSimmer airbus A320. Unzip the file and put the config file into your FS9\Aircraft\AirSimmer_L A320 CFM or AirSimmer_L A320 IAE folder. Have fun!
  22. Like: 'Your Microsoft Security Essentials has just found a trojan!'
  23. With LOWI being such a specific and picturesque mountains surrounded airport, it would be a pitty to lower mesh to 19.
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