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  1. I don't want to interfere with this management<->customers thread, but do take in consideration Nick is the developer of GEX for which FTX has become the main (unbeaten?) competition now. The end of one and the beginning of another era. So, as much respect as I have towards Nick and his tweaking knowledge, he has just gone over the top with this post. Just my three eurocents.
  2. a320maxi, My position in Aerosoft is only moderating/testing, but maybe you will get response from the management too. In the meantime, however, I would like to share some thoughts on what you wrote if you don't mind. See, compare these two fragments of your post. Aerosoft's forums are commercial forums where their administrators set the rules. And, in my eyes, these rules are good, fair and reasonable, maybe even exemplary. These forums are mainly for Aerosoft products' support, but there are also a few subforums (e.g. Radio Chatter) for some more loose talks (within limits of course). But 'support' means 'solving problems'. Seeing no wingflex does not represent a problem to support and fix. I haven't seen any example of bad or aggressive SUPPORT here. Can you link any (1000th question about wingflex and weather radar excluded, please - this is not support)? This is not very nice, to be honest. The voting system has been set for a purpose. And, better or worse, it does work. Aerosoft staff are not dumb - they know what they are doing. Your words sound quite provocative, won't you agree? And yet, later you add this: We all are trying to be patient and polite here. Please be too.
  3. REMINDER! We can see a growing number of posts which must be hidden due to breaking of the clear rules given for this thread. So, please let me remind you some basic rules which will let us keep this very useful thread in order for our common interest: 1. Please DO check if the airport you are going to request has already been requested. It is a MUST to do! 2. Please do not request the same airport another time - it will not make it become supported miraculously. 3. If you like a proposed idea, give it a vote up (the green up arrow), instead of qouting and saying you also like it. 4. Stick to the format: - only one airport per post - proper info (see other requests) - one (not too large!) screenshot (not necessary but recommended). Thank you for your understanding!
  4. Aerosoft's new Rome Fiumicino is out! ICAO: LIRF NAME: Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 (FSX to come) DESIGNER: Aerosoft / Dream Factory Studio LINK: http://en.shop.aeros...anguage=english Dear Oliver, please, don't let us wait with flying to Rome till the next AES version! no AES, Jetway not removable
  5. ICAO: LGIR NAME: Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 (already AESed in FSX) DESIGNER: FSDG / Aerosoft LINK: http://en.shop.aeros...anguage=english AES 2.26
  6. Finally an airport in Warsaw, before we get a high quality EPWA. The EPMO airport is part of the great 'Warsaw City 2013' package. ICAO: EPMO NAME: Warsaw-Modlin Mazovia Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: Drzewiecki Design LINK: http://secure.simmar...13-fs2004.phtml AES 2.32
  7. The FSX version has already been requested (#405). But now we also have the FS9 version available: ICAO: LZIB NAME: Bratislava Stefanik International Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: Taxi2gate LINK: http://secure.simmar...ib-fs2004.phtml AES 2.33
  8. As well as mine. Thanks Joshua for sharing my thoughts and writing it in a frank and clear way.
  9. ICAO: ZLXY Name: Xi'an Xianyang International airport, China Type: freeware! FS: FS9 (FSX version to be made later) Designer: Skysoft Simulation Link: http://library.avsim...ftp&DLID=172189
  10. Which package do you mean? The only Polish Airports packages I am aware of are the Drzewiecki Design ones. All three of them have already been released and they consist of: vol.1 - EPGD (Gdansk), EPKT (Katowice), EPRZ (Rzeszow) vol.2 - EPLL (Lodz), EPSC (Szczecin), EPZG (Zielona Gora) vol.3 - EPBY (Bydgoszcz), EPPO (Poznan), EPWR (Wroclaw) Plus EPKK (Cracow) as a separate airport product. Is this what you were asking about?
  11. Please be fair and put your request (rather once the airport is done) into the appropriate thread, which is: http://forum.aerosof...e/page__st__360 I understand CYVR is important to YOU, but please think what happens when every simmer starts a new separate AES thread about an airport important to HIM or HER.
  12. This time I'd rather wait for a boxed version.
  13. What you can see in the video is not GEX but the photoreal textures being part of the EPKK 2012 product, which comes not only as an airport but also with a huge surrounding area.
  14. Oliver Pabst is an independent developer. His Airport Enhancement Services tool is published and sold by Aerosoft. If you expect it to be free you could expect the same from any other product sold by Aerosoft, a scenery, an aircraft or a tool. Money for each work must be paid somewhere. Wouldn't it go to Oliver directly from AES, the other products would have to be more expensive to generate the cost. Nowhere too far since AES is not a necessary part of any scenery to function. It is just an enhancement (hence its name) you may or may not want to have. It's your choice. And please do not forget the generosity of Oliver who supported more than one hundred airports for us free of charge.
  15. True, plus the micro-stuttering I can see in 90% of FSX videos. But, all in all, a very nice looking and atmospheric video. Congrats! BTW Does Iberia fly to Sharm?
  16. Goodbye, Neil. You will never be forgotten! Neil Armstrong (August 5, 1930 - August 25, 2012)
  17. All addons released by Aserosoft are currently made for FSX as the main platform. So I see no reasons why it should be a bizzare exception from that.
  18. Cargo planes configuration is not yet supported by AES. However it is planned, so we just have to be patient. It will come one day.
  19. But it could finally be changed from Englisch into English!
  20. All right, thanks, I am not a Facebook guy at all, so I have completely missed that.
  21. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know they closed their forum and stopped showing any progress or even updating their website. And all that was quite long time ago.
  22. No. It is expensive. It will pay back once you make money with your videos one day. There are some other freeware editors, and for the purposes I mentioned above, WMM is more than enough. Yes, this is a great little utility (using it myself) and, of course, it is free. You have 'haters' at YouTube?
  23. You can cut them too (eg not to force us to look at a static view for some 70 seconds). Just give it a thought. Remember that if you make a video and announce it to the world, your viewers are you eyes.
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