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  1. I installed the F-14 Tomcat for P3D V4.2 and already my braid is fried. Either I am not understanding something or totally over seeing the problem. I have of course read the PDF files on how to operate the wings. I open up in 'ready to taxi' mode with the wings swept fully back. I have tried Auto, AFT, FWD, BOMB while moving the sweep lever forward/back with no movement from the wings whatsoever. I'm beginning to wonder if you will all think I'm stupid at this moment in time because I am beginning to think this too. Not sure what else I am missing.
  2. Thanks very much I have in fact soughted this out but my god - there isnt alot of traffic even with my settings at 100% Id sooner have UT2 than this... (i did initially have UT2 on my laptop, i uninstalled it thinking MTX would be better)
  3. Hello, I have read other posts about this... but they havnet really helped me I have installed My Traffic X (2007 - yes now 4 years old) I bought it off ebay - from a very reasonable seller with over 15000 feedback I load FSX up, at several airports - but I do not have any traffic at all load up, nor do i have the "Extra's" tab on the FSX menu bar... If it is my settings how do I get to change them? My Traffic X has saved to my FSX folder, and in there i have not found a start up link for settings or anything? Thanks for any help
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