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  1. I installed the F-14 Tomcat for P3D V4.2 and already my braid is fried. Either I am not understanding something or totally over seeing the problem. I have of course read the PDF files on how to operate the wings. I open up in 'ready to taxi' mode with the wings swept fully back. I have tried Auto, AFT, FWD, BOMB while moving the sweep lever forward/back with no movement from the wings whatsoever. I'm beginning to wonder if you will all think I'm stupid at this moment in time because I am beginning to think this too. Not sure what else I am missing.
  2. I didn't notify their support team since usually things like this is solved through forums. Although, I will contact them myself if necessary?
  3. I have indeed. Originally I had installed US Cities Vegas after FSDreamteam KLAS. It was then suggested to install KLAS first then US Cities, but the same outcome.
  4. Did a complete fresh install of P3D and seems to work fine prior to PTA. Will check again once PTA is installed.
  5. I sure can... you will also notice the terrain is somewhat incorrect. I have since started fresh due to another computer issue. The same happens with Default P3D V4 + these two sceneries.
  6. Hello Sir, I had mistaken the grass hotfix for something else. I am using PTA with REX SkyForce.
  7. Having an issue where US Cities - Las Vegas causes FSDreamteam Las Vegas McCarran Airport to show the photoreal scenery. If I uninstall US Cities Vegas, the scenery at KLAS shows as expected. (P3D V4)
  8. Hello It seems my LEPA scenery looks fine during the day but at night the buildings are transparent and the grass is somewhat glowing? Using P3D V4.
  9. Thanks very much I have in fact soughted this out but my god - there isnt alot of traffic even with my settings at 100% Id sooner have UT2 than this... (i did initially have UT2 on my laptop, i uninstalled it thinking MTX would be better)
  10. Hello, I have read other posts about this... but they havnet really helped me I have installed My Traffic X (2007 - yes now 4 years old) I bought it off ebay - from a very reasonable seller with over 15000 feedback I load FSX up, at several airports - but I do not have any traffic at all load up, nor do i have the "Extra's" tab on the FSX menu bar... If it is my settings how do I get to change them? My Traffic X has saved to my FSX folder, and in there i have not found a start up link for settings or anything? Thanks for any help
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