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  1. Holgi, Just test flew this one and I have one word...... "AWESOME"
  2. Holgi, OUTSTANDING re-paint....thank you..!
  3. Thanks JP...! Will have to wait and see. I can't see it not working, since other developer (no names mentioned) Have a new Porter out with skies that they say will support FS X.
  4. Do anyone know if the new Cheyenne will work with FS "X"
  5. Hi Guys, I am now looking at a Boxed version of $ $34.90. (US) Computer Pilot Magazine is getting it in 2-3 weeks. The download is now $ 37.77. Seems like is fuel, the way they are now projecting the price increase, it keeps going up..... My .02 cents
  6. mathjiskok, Thanks for you help...
  7. mathjiskok, Thanks for your reply. what do I get FS Cargo?
  8. Hello, Here are the instructions for installing the abouve file: Installation & use ================== 1) Extract the file Cra1Lukla_Everest.CFG to the FS Cargo folder in your Flight Simulator main folder ([FS-Main]VistaMareFSCargoWorlds). 2) Extract the *.bgl files to the [FS-Main]SceneryWorldscenery folder. 2) Start Flight Simulator. 3) Create a flight starting on a random airfield somewhere in the Hymalaya Area. 4) Ask for a cargo assignment using FS Cargo. That's it. My issue is that I DO NOT have a folder called " VisaMare". So where does the "Cra1Lukla_Everest.CFG " file go? Thank you for any help.
  9. denbroeder, You are not alone. I have the same problems. I have to take off from another airport in order to go to LUKLA.
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