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  1. Thanks for all the help but I still have the same problem. I have tried different PDF printers but my default is adobe which for some reason I can not change. I also now have another issue when printing it only prints small in the middle of the page like the margins are set wrongly. see PDF. I have updated my graphics drivers but that did not help. is the support ticket opened at the PFPX site? on the support tab? Regards Craig BAW123 NZAA-YSSY (12-Apr-2019) #1.pdf
  2. Yes i have but will try again to make sure I am afraid it makes no difference it is still the same. Could it be a bug? Regards Craig
  3. Hi I am using adobe but before i get to the printing stage once i have released the flight i am seeing that type of messy font overlapping in all of the charts in the PFPX program. regards Craig
  4. Hi all please have a look at the charts ready for printing, this only appears on the charts any ideas what is wrong? Regards Craig sydsfo.pdf
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