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  1. Hello chaps here is my entry, and Good Luck to you all. cheers Iain
  2. Well then ive only had this aircraft a couple of days and i must say how overjoyed iam with it.
  3. Sorry thats what your opion is of me i was a new member here on the forum and just asking a question of help, the problem was i had updated my Bios and left the sound disabled in the bios when i enabled the sound it installed with no problem so it was my mistake in the end Eric, im sorry to have bothered you people here i wont again. cheers Iain
  4. All resolved now up and running. cheers Iain
  5. Ah well guess no one knows how to help with this problem so in the storage drive it goes untill another day perhaps. cheers Iain
  6. Well then chaps i need help with this one ive just bought the plane it seems to install alright but when i choose the plane in fsx the picture appears then as shown in the picture below i get all these messages appearing, im at a loss what to do over this ive even redownloaded the aircraft but still get the same errors when i choose it any help gratefully recieved with thanks. cheers Iain
  7. Thought i would give this a go here we are leaving YBBN in the NGX i hope you like this. cheers Iain
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