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  1. I can't even get by the installer which tells me I either entered the wrong e-mail address or serial #. Of the e-mail address I'm sure, not of the serial. Could someone help please. Thanks Ludo Lambrechts
  2. I will ask him him if he can provide me with a couple of pictures to illustrate. I have Indianapolis X - New Orleans X - San Francisco X - Chicago X and they work fine for me! Ludo Lambrechts
  3. A friend of mine that has purchased USCITIES New Orleans X is having some compatibility issues with 2 other addons i.e. UTX and GEX. Is there a way for him to be able to use either one (or both) of these addons together with New Orleans X installed in FSX?? Any help or suggestions would be great. Ludo Lambrechts
  4. Yeah, I'd like to know if my CH yoke and pedals are going to work in CBS? Or my dual shock controller? Ludo Lambrechts
  5. I still need to figure out how to get my CH Yoke and Pedals to work in CBS. Any work on how to configure controls in the sim? Ludo Lambrechts
  6. I have no problem with that Mathijs if you think it's needed! Ludo Lambrechts Canadian Pilots
  7. Thanks for the info Mathijs, and that is what I did. The re-downloaded and everything is fine now Ludo Lambrechts
  8. I have downloaded the two parts of the new Malorca X scenery, but both files (over 3 GB) failed to unzip. I restarted my computer and it gave me the same result, is there something wrong with these files? Ludo Lambrechts PS: *******Has been fixed ********
  9. Here's my entry for the June '09 contest. The C152N from Carenado flying over Aerosoft's US Cities X San Fransisco Ludo Lambrechts Sr. Admin Canadian Pilots
  10. Dear Mathijs, Great to hear this great news coming from the Aerosoft camp, which I believe is a huge excitement for many virtual and real pilots everywhere! Here are a couple of things I'd like to see in your flight sim project: 1. One thing that I think needs a lot of attention is that the sim should be frame rate friendly, many fellow simmers would fly even more or even take on the whole concept of virtual flying if the sim would have a lesser impact on their computers. Some have even given up virtual aviation due to the high demand on their computers! Of course I'm talking here of the mid-range computers with at least a dual core processor, 512MB video card and 4GB o RAM which most people have! 2. A more realistic ATC (if that is even possible) 3. A flight simulator that gives you that REAL feeling at the airport and in the air! 4. A flight simulator that gives you more control prior to flying i.e. performing a spot check around the plane, engine & hydraulics checks, tire pressure etc....... 5. Realistic looking AI aircraft & liveries! 6. A general global texture that looks realistic enough for those who can't afford to purchase addon sceneries, like many can't do! 7. More realistic and precisely positioned airports (GA & International airports)! 8. Realistic night lighting! 9. More realistic trees and other vegetation (global) 10. Aviation tutorials for beginners or people new to a flight simulator! I know that there is more, but at this moment I'll just leave it with these suggestions that probably already have been talked about in this thread. The best of luck to Aerosoft with the realization of this awesome project, I can only speak for myself and say that I'm really looking forward to hearing more on this possible project! With regards Ludo Lambrechts Sr. Admin Canadian Pilots
  11. Carenado 182 RG on final at Helgoland.......... Ludo Lambrechts Sr Administrator Canadian Pilots
  12. I have installed VFR London X on my system and I get between 20-35 FPS through out the city. My system Specs: * Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 Processor 3.0GHz, 12MB Cache, 1333MHz FSB * OCZ ReaperX Dual Channel 4096MB PC10666 DDR3 1333MHz Memory (4 x 2048MB) * 2 X XFX 8800GTX @ 1.5GB of Video RAM * 1250 Watt PSU * 1 X 150 GB Raptor HDD (C: Drive) * 2 X 500GB WD HDD (one for regular games, one for FSX) Ludo Lambrechts Sr. Administrator Canadian Pilots
  13. Aerosofts DHC-6 Twin Otter and Lord Howe Island . . . . . just relaxing from a flight from mainland Australia . . . . . . Ludo Lambrechts
  14. Aerosoft's A10 Warthog . . . . Good luck to all participants :wink: and Merry Christmas Ludo
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