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  1. Not flat, the mesh of between 30 and 90 meters for the whole world. And the Autogen will cover the whole world using OpenStreet databases. So very high detail. Keep in mind the base sim will be around 80 Gb.... and the version we will sell (not the same as the version Laminar will sell) will have some more airports in high detail and a good number of airports dressed up to be better then FSX default airports.

    But yes, in parts it will a be a fresh start. Using the lego blocks systems it is very easy however to make most default airports look better then FSX default airports. Keep in mind that's also just a vague estimate how the real airport looks.

    Sorry, by flat I meant, no buildings or ramps at the airports. I agree that the rest will be great!

  2. I think this was a misunderstanding. Look at the comments below using the same link. What happened is that PMDG got a copy of the beta 2 days ago and they will look at the possibility of porting them to x-plane.


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