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  1. Good morning, there seems to be an issue with some font corruption in windows 10 when upgrading from previous versions. This is affecting Aivlasoft EFB. Fonts impacted are: AirbusPFD.ttfAirbusPFD2.ttf The only way to make EFB work is to remove these fonts (therefore not being able to fly the Airbus). Jose
  2. Sorry, by flat I meant, no buildings or ramps at the airports. I agree that the rest will be great!
  3. I just heard from Laminar that only Seattle will be detailed and everything else flat, but they will add more airports over time.
  4. Mathijs, something that is not clear to me, will airports come with basic autogen buildings kind of like fsx or just empty like inversion 9? Thanks for the clarification. Jose
  5. I think this was a misunderstanding. Look at the comments below using the same link. What happened is that PMDG got a copy of the beta 2 days ago and they will look at the possibility of porting them to x-plane. Jose
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