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  1. A brand new TCA throttle from Thrustmaster. I tried again and its much better with AxisAndOhs but not perfect.
  2. Following informations from Crabby (thread "AAO experts..."), my throttle is now working flawlessly after buying AxisAndOhs (18€) and set it up (MSFS event THROTTLE_AXIS_SET_EX1). Edit : it seems the problem is still present... looks like throttle hardware is ultra noisy (only with this aircraft on this simulator), at idle if I only touch my throttle (no travel) there are variations from 21%N1 to 26%N1
  3. Thx1137 should have read the whole thread. Like many others Im waiting for the fix since I can't fly the CRJ with that issue (spent 2 hours to try to fix it by myself and I still can't set a power setting with a precision under 20%N1...) And we don't care whose fault we just hope Aerosoft will share a fix asap
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