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  1. I noticed the same thing. In real life they have a slower deployment/retraction time, while in the sim it’s almost instant. Here’s a video I recorded on an AA CRJ-700 last June. IMG_4121.MOV
  2. Oh ok didn’t think that applied to legacy. Will give it a try! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the response, but I think that only refers to the new lock control method. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I did not like that new mode since I feel it takes a way from the realism and I switched back to legacy mode for controlling knobs and switches so that I can control it the same way I did in the past. Looking forward to a response. Respectfully, Jonathan
  4. Hi I’m noticing that after SU5 it’s very hard to press the center of the scroll knobs like the heading button to align the heading with current track. It’s very fidgety and most of the time you only get the option to scroll left or right but not press. I’m using legacy mode. Is this a known issue? Thanks Jonathan
  5. Not just an issue in VR but regular. Using legacy mode it’s almost impossible to get the arrow to push buttons that also have a scroll button. It’s very fidgety.
  6. Noticed today after finally updating the CRJ that I couldn’t see tire smoke or the APU heat blur. I know these are both features in the SDK now. Will they be added in the future? Thanks, Jonathan
  7. Hi, I have contrail for other third party software, and I usually use the Aerosoft updater or website for updates. I am on version based on the ASU updater as I updated it when it came out. Yesterday contrail began telling me that a new update was available to install to V. I want to get rid of the contrail notification but I'm afraid that if I hit update it may conflict with the Aerosoft files. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jonathan
  8. Is there a way to implement a weather request into the EFB or FMC in a future update that provides the latest weather reports? Is there something similar in the CRJ? I’m thinking about the functionality that the a32nx has now and whether something like that already exists. Thanks!
  9. I haven't been getting any vnav help on my MFD or Legs page on any of my flights since the last update.. I have to go to the vnav page and go over to the desc calc to get any assistance. Then I have to be manually typing in the waypoints. Not sure if I'm missing something or if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm doing same things I was before the update and following same steps The Dude showed for setup.
  10. Hi, I normally spawn cold and dark in a parking spot and have that as my default, but yesterday I wanted to test some things and realized that the aircraft will also spawn cold and dark on the runway and it spawns cold and dark mid air too following the latest update. Prior the update if I spawned on a runway it would be ready to go and if I spawned mid air all systems and engines were up and running. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to apply those settings only if spawning at a parking spot? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Mathijs, Same issue here for me. I open it, and it sits there for a second before just exiting out to desktop. Please see my log below. Thanks! ASUpdater_App_Log.txt
  12. Hi, Is there a discount for previous EDDB owners? I have the boxed version for FSX and wanted to make sure I asked before purchasing. Thanks, Jonathan
  13. I can confirm I tried that today and it works
  14. I noticed the same thing. Kinda disappointing 😕
  15. Hi Alexander, Does this need to be done every time or can we set it once for the sim to remember? Thanks, Jonathan
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