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  1. Am I correct that there is going to be a X-Plane version of ToulouseX ?
  2. Will you make a note here Mathijs if the video of the conference goes up somewhere?
  3. A merry Christmas to all at Aerosoft, And a very big thank you to Mathijs, I thank you for having the faith and giving the huge support to Laminar and the release of Xp10, Aerosoft is best thing to happen to the XPlane world in a very long time, your involvement has doubled the quality of the sim, So here is too a brilliant 2012.
  4. There is a US version and a US version, the standard US from Laminar sounds like the one Goulash has, the Aerosoft US version is released now (16th Dec) and does have the Nice, Paderborn and Faro included, there are pictures to prove that on http://xplane10.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/the-news-for-19-december-lfmn-in-xp10-ptii-thieves-in-the-night/ As noted by Aerosoft everyone in time will have the full version no matter where you sourced your copy.
  5. This is not a Aerosoft issue, so why is this here at all...? Ben Supnik (Laminar) is working through the issues, and you are not even running the latest version 10.03 beta 1 which fixes a majority of the bugs, just be patient and all will be working correctly soon,
  6. Laminar put out a few USB dongles for XP9 and they sold very well, So i expect them for XP10 as a few computers now don't have the dvd drives, like Mathijs said you could just buy a cheap one and plug it it in, but the dongle is a better way to go and i will push very hard for them from Laminar as I need one.
  7. Its only a beta...and you have to configure XP10 it correctly to your computer!...it will take two our three months to get the settings right, but go back to FSX if you can't be bothered
  8. Yes but how does it work?...how do you get the URL to get the download?
  9. If people just run the X-Plane demo they are missing the whole point, yes that is very very basic with the noted 3 or 4 airports, but once you have X-Plane the world comes alive, I have 36GB of scenery...36GB!, That is not the default scenery as that is the add on custom scenery and 16gb of aircraft which are mostly 30 -50mb in size, and we don't even have access to the 700mb scenery payware versions that we will purchase yet, and we expect that now to triple in size in the next 2 years as custom scenery is created for regions and landmarks, and even better is the fact that you can adjust and create the airports exactly how you want them, I spend as much time building X-Plane as flying in the sim, and we haven't even got XP10 yet...oh! and that 36GB of scenery will fit straight into XP10, airports and all.
  10. Bioniccrab wasn't making much sense, I don't mind a fair debate and even criticism of XPlane (or FS for that matter), but it wasn't going anywhere and just silly....and the sword came down! Thanks for answering my questions Mathijs, I will be a loyal customer, on the odd scenery couldn't you just download the missing scenery from the other source, i.e. if you buy the Euro version you then use your serial number to download the KSEA scenery that is on the U.S. version and vice-versa.
  11. Hi Mathijs i live in Australia can i buy the Euro version?, As i was born in the UK I identify more with Europe than the U.S. so the Euro version is more to my liking, is postage to Australia not a problem?. Could you also clear up the point of "added many buildings to London-Heathrow (EGLL), Paris Orly (LFPO), Frankfurt (EDDF) and Zurich (LSZH)", If you are in X Plane at this point, most of these Airports are very old 2002 FS ware (except Zurich which was updated), so without the X mega scenery how would that work?, It would be a very odd combination of two very different eras in scenery, I don't have the issue of buying EGLL, LFPO, EDDF, LSZH X mega if they were available for purchase at XP10 release.
  12. Hummm..I don't don't know where you are coming from here, I'm not going to get into FS - XP wars but XP8 is long gone now...
  13. The conversion of FS to X-Plane is to a very different simulation model, it takes a good X-Plane Dev 8 months (or more) to create a good X-Plane product, even with Aerosoft's capabilities and resources i doubt they would do it under 6 to 12 months, Xmas 2012 would be more realistic.
  14. Thank You for the reply Mathijs, that is very welcome news, certainly we will welcome the Mega Airport range, if you want to put some at the top of the list it would be London Heathrow and Frankfurt, these are sadly lacking in X-Plane in any credible form...and a personal thanks for the work put in over the weekend, including the video....it is very much appreciated.
  15. Any Ideas Mathijs when we could have a list of what scenery will be available for XP10, I understand also you will be providing some default scenery as well.
  16. X-Plane has a scenery pack called Winterworld, that creates a northern winter, it has an upgrade that goes to 40ยบ latitude then below is normal scenery....so you can fly from Dubai in the heat to the cold of London, it works really well.
  17. Besides the OSM (open street map) data you can add regional packages, 3rd parties will be able to create different areas and add them in as custom scenery, this way other types of environments (Africa, Middle East, China, Japan) can be created, It will take a few years to cover all the many regions...but the extension is ready to go on XP10 release.
  18. I would be a good gesture for current FS customers to be able to just upgrade their Aerosoft scenery at an upgrade price of say $12.95 on a $29.95 product to the X-Plane version, It would allow them to enjoy XP10 and for Aerosoft to have happy clients, instead of being put in the position of "I have spent a fortune on FS, and I'm not spending the same amount again just to go over to another sim", this way both parties gain. Just to note, I don't have any FS software (I run totally on a Mac) and is solely an X-Plane flyer so I have no self interest on such a deal, But I will invest in Aerosoft product when available for XP.
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