Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. Wenn ich eine FSX session (multiplayer) lanciere ist manchmal der Seitenleitwerk blokiert !! ist das normal ?? :S
  2. and with an update can this plane in FSX MP works ?
  3. NOOOOOOO !!!!! you can say it on the shop serious . :S !! and why it doesn't work in MP !?
  4. Yes I did but when I restart a new session in FSX (multiplayer) I haven't Fuel
  5. Yes but I don't know how to make that FSX save the plane WITH fuel when I left them .. always when I start FSX I don't have any fuel in my Dimona !
  6. I can't start my H36 Dimona X can someone help me please ?! Romano
  7. Bonjour à tous, J'ai acheté hier le nouvel addon H36 Dimona X sur aerosoft et je n'arrive jamais à démarrer :S car il y a ce nouveau truc de chargement de la dernière partie et je n'ai jamais d'essence :S donc je ne peux jamais démarrer mon appareil .. si quelqu'un pourrait m'aider ?! Salutation Romano !
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