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  1. Well this is the 4th time I notice that though
  2. It happens everytime when new AIRACs are released.
  3. I come here to make sure that the issue from Cyrille is apart same as me. I don't have TAF anymore appearing on PFPX. I have METARs but no TAFs. Does the issue come from PFPX servers ?
  4. Hello, I started a topic on french forum but no answer so I ask indeed. The problem is for the pushback with a boeing 737-400 wilco feelthere. When it's the moment of the separation between the push machine and gear my aircraft accelerates fastly and there is a crash on the side or on the nose and then impossible to control my aircraft. I did three launchs repair of scenery and repair for pushback but the same thing. ANd what is very strange the others aircrafts works easily. Can you help me for that?
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