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    what are you guys at aerosoft thinking of putting up for special 20% discount and when pretty interested to see whats on special! perhaps its pmdg products? or fs2crew products? thanks
  2. also whitch would be a good big one further inland?
  3. For me an enjoyable airport for me is a very large and quite modern airport also not in the middle of a country Any suggestions
  4. Title pretty much sums up the subject of this post
  5. lately noticed that on aerosoft's site it shows an aes credit pack firstly how many credits do you receive when purchasing? secondly does this certain product come with the base pack? lastly if the base pack is seperate how much does it cost? thanks
  6. hi its actually a freeware addon thanks for the coment
  7. The landing threshold is bumpy because its been used for landings before at de gualle and it can't handle landings any more that's why it would be bumpy
  8. ive also been wondering the same thing
  9. sebfsx

    pmdg 737

    i asked about this product a few weeks ago i was wondering if anyone when it was going to come out on aerosofts site also the flight1/quality wings 757 was comin cause its already out on the german website
  10. can someone put some preview pics of airbusx2
  11. hey guys this is a vid i made its my first one any feedback/tips welcome please follow link and subscribe click on the link http://www.youtube.com/user/Sebfsx99?feature=mhee
  12. wat do u guys think is better i need to know for im going to get whichever is better
  13. can anyone tell me the weight of the yoke system and the normal rudder pedals please thanks seb
  14. sebfsx

    Pmdg 737

    Does anyone know wen the pmdg 737 is coming out
  15. sebfsx

    Slew mode

    Can u plz explain wAt slew mode is on fsx
  16. Can some people please tell me which is better pmdg 747 or Wilco airbus vol 2
  17. some people dont want to use atc when they have the fmc why havent used the same concept as wilco where you can do this seb
  18. Does the vas fmc work with the airbus x? Seb
  19. when i click on an airport on the f-plan page it dosen't allow me to pick a runway for take off and then for landing later in the flight. seb.
  20. hi im trying to find somewhere i can find waypoints any help. seb
  21. i have tried many things from other forums to get my scratch pad to work on the fmc theres just a (0.) can someone please help i cant fly this bird without it seb
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