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  1. Hi I have not used fsx for some time started it up today pressed ctrl shift w but AES is not opening, Any help please my fault EGCC was off not activated
  2. start fsx up look up at the top where you can select aircraft world options there should be a add-ons button at the end on the right vistamare should be in there
  3. Thanks for the info Falk Allan
  4. Hi Oliver, I fly an atr which has a front left side cargo door in the set aircraft parameters I am unable to set that as a cargo door would it be possible in a ugrade at some time to be able to select the door Thank in advance Allan
  5. Hi Oliver, I have now managed to get it working I was advised to run the AESHelp from the aerosoft/aes folder in the fs 9 folder and config the aircraft from there when I used the AESHelp short cut on the desktop and configured the aircraft I didn't get any stair/jetway connect to the aircraft Regards Alfy
  6. Hi, I am trying out aes at the default nuremberg airport in fs9 as I would like to use it at liverpool in ase help I've activated nuremberg and have f9 gets aes support in fs I load my ifl 737 at gate 14 to fly to EGCC as this is the first flight I do not have any passengers onboard and request catering service vehicle now but nothing happen I have the ground attendant next to the side of the aircraft when I pressed F2 to request the vehicle the O changed to a R in the manual it says the O should change to an X but does not say what the R stand for I would like to get this
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