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    Hi Sorry to go up this subject but I have 2 questions. 1) What are the coordinates of the ILS RW09 to insert into the AIRAC files? 2) At the end of this topic in the document "Addendum Andras PMDG.TXT Field" where do you insert into wpNavAPT.txt the file information (in the beginning, the end or after LFQW)?
  2. It is not a software problem, I found my error a bad launch of FSX, all works well now. Thank you for your help cordially hyems
  3. Yes i have a Vistamar menu below "Add ons" in the FSX. I Have FSX in front, not off. I switched EDDN to off, stop FSX and AES, restart AES and FSX, I clicked on the line from the airport to return FSX in AES, stop all and restart AES and FSX .nothing work cordially hyems
  4. thanks for your response OPabst Airport EDDN is green and set in FSX in AESHelp AES window Does not open in The Airport With Shift + Ctrl + W combination Or Another, example: Shift + Ctrl + F11. For information, I have no file in the Vistamare/link Is this normal? cordially hyems
  5. Hello all, I have same problem in FSX, I placed an aircraft (A321 FSX base) at the airport EDDN. I followed the different advice on this forum but nothing has released the bug. my config: FSX is launched with administrator mod FSX +FS Acceleration + AES2.07, no other addons system: win 7 / 64 someone there a solution has to propose me ? thank cordially hyems
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