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  1. Hi Valcor, I purchased my boxed version of AIRBUS X for $44.95 from www.pcaviator.com. I have purchased many times from them in the past decade and found them to be extremely professional and friendly. They have an outlet in Loris, SC USA TEL. 800-664-0033 BTW, There is an updated boxed version that will have a more realistic FMC for AIRBUS X available around 1-19-12. you might want to wait until it is released and check that out. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Mathijs, Thank you so much for your quick response. I will ordering in the next few days. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Mathijs, It's good to hear from you as well. I look forward to hearing what both you and Shaun find out and I really appreciate both of you looking into this. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Shaun, Thanks for your reply. I look forward to hearing what you find out. Thanks again.
  5. Hi everyone, I hope this post does not sound as if I am condemning Aerosoft but I have to admit to a certain degree of frustration. I recently became aware of the iFly 737NG after coming across videos posted on Youtube which BTW, is a great place to see new MSFS products of which many are published by Aerosoft. Although the Fs9 version both download and boxed versions have been available for some time, The boxed version for FSX is no where in sight for retail in the USA. To make things even more frustrating, the FSX boxed version is available on all Aerosoft European websites but not their Aerosoft USA web site- No one seems to have any information on this. Does anyone know why this is and when this will be a available in the USA. Also I prefer boxed to a download because if my system crashes or if I get a better computer- I can just re-install without having to jump thru hoops to verify I own that copy. I hope this post does not get me banned as I would really just like purchase this add-on and also not have deal with currency conversions. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi again Shuan, I have been in touch with Fabian at Aerosoft. He confirmed that Capt. Sim does support the Aerosoft Boxed version and so I went back and discovered I actually needed to enter the "Install Code" and not the "Box User Code" and so I am now able to access all areas of the Capt Sim website. Also, Fabian indicated he may be able to send out a English version of the manual. Aerosoft has been very responsive and I am very pleased with their customer service. Thank you to you and everyone who took time respond. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Shaun, On your advice, I sent a E-mail to the address you posted and I also addressed that issue of the "German" manual as well. Hopefully, they will respond. Thanks again.
  8. Hi again Shaun, I really should read before I write. Anyway, I just barely read your post and I also just barely found the Aerosoft Support address. I really had trouble finding the Aerosoft support address on their website- For a while, I thought there was no Aerosoft Support area at all. Anyway, I will be contacting them directly as I now have their address or link. BTW, Is it just me or is finding the support area generally difficult to find? Thanks again.
  9. Hi Matt, Thanks for response. Based on your advice- I have signed up on the Capt. Sim Community Forum. It is not the Capt. Sim Support Forum but hopefully I can find the info I need if I can't find it here. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Shuan, Thank you for response. I tried looking thru the manual to see if there was an English version or anything that might give a clue but did not find anything. The box is currently in storage but can be easily obtained for another look. At this point it looks like I will need to get it out and I will look over it again. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Mark, Thanks for responding so quickly. I did see the sticker and the numbers you mentioned but when tried to the info at Capt Sim, the site would not accept the info. I don't recall the reason but maybe it doesn't consider the info on the sticker to be a valid Purchase Order Number. On Capt. Sim's website it says- I've got a box, how can I check-in to use CS online services? Unfortunately active Order Number is required for check-in. Everyone who have purchased any download products at Captain Sim Online Store or via our partners' online stores has the Order Number. Please note, Order Number for product A does not work for product B in terms of access to Customer Support services. Unfortunately none of the boxes (except Aerosoft B767) has the Order Number so you technically cannot check-in to access the Captain Sim Customer Support services. For support of the box please contact publishers directly. Please note that there appears to be an exclusion that suggest that Capt Sim may indeed support the Aerosoft boxed version and maybe I am just not entering the info properly. However, I tried entering the info different ways without success. Also, as the manual is written in German, Perhaps the instructions state how to properly enter the info are written in the manual and I am just unable read it. At present, the box is in storage but can be easily obtained for another attempt. Is there anyway you could e-mail an example of the proper format for entering the info without giving out an actual purchase number or other vital info? Also can you verify that Capt. Sim will indeed support the Aerosoft boxed version or if Aerosoft will support this? Sorry for being long winded again. Thanks in advance. Btw, Am I breaking any forum rules by adding the quote from Capt. Sim website?
  12. Greetings, I recently purchased the Captain Sim 767-300 Captain published by Aerosoft and purchased the PC Aviator in the U.S. but it seems to appear that no one supports the boxed product. furthermore, the box was written in English and the cover of the enclosed manual is also written in English but the content of the manual is in German with the exception of the charts which was in English- lol..... There have been a number of comments regarding stability of the aircraft particularly at slows speeds. In my case, just taking off- the aircraft begins to handle like a whale until I reach at least 200 IAS before she settles down and I find it difficult to just fly straight ( Could part of the problem be FSX simulating turbulence or the realism settings?) hmmm..... Since Capt Sim appears to only support their " Direct Download" product, Who supports the "Boxed Version" if Capt Sim were to release an update to the flight model? Also, there is a shimmering "seam" line on the left side of the Overhead Panel which is kind of annoying and would like to see fixed. Sorry for being long winded- The product in general, seems very good but does have some issues that need to fixed. Thanks in advance.
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