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  1. After a succesful carnasie approach (13L) at JFK the pmdg 747 is forced to do a go around. ( Go around at 2:30, Second landing attempt at 3:30 )
  2. Thanks for posting Mathijs! I have nearly the same system now (same card, processor, rest similar) and I got it for 850€ which is about 1200$. Glad to see I did nothing wrong!
  3. I have looked up some prices (germany) and the i5 2500 is just ~10 euros more, the gtx 560 ~15 (WITHOUT Ti). I know together with RAM and 64-bit version there come a few things together, but later you'll be annoyed your result could have been better for less money And with the gtx 560 you have a much more newer card! Hope there's nothing wrong with this since I'm not an expert :/
  4. Now you mention it: I also prefer to fly manually- it's of course more fun, but I'm also often too lazy to create a flightplan, prepare the fmc, ... I think reality is not very different there. From what I've heard on the internet, most of the pilots fly manually whenever they can. You also see this in youtube-videos: when it's foggy, pilots use autopilot, but just at the point the runway is in sight, autopilot is switched off. I think the topic-question includes also the flight dynamics, which are important for flying manually. I have no experience on fliyng the NGX yet (waiting for the box)...
  5. I hope I didn't get this wrong, if so, please TELL ME! But I think the pmdg is as easy to learn as the ifly as far as you just use the functions the ifly has. The pmdg is only more difficult if you use all the complex functions the ifly does not have. You just should know for yourself how much you wanna pay for this. The pmdg has the HUD, so I'll get this one although I know I will never be able to learn all the options you have with that And the difference in price is not THAT hard!
  6. Here goes my entry: A Cathay Pacific Airbus A340-600 lands in London Heathrow, using CLS A340, Aerosofts Heathrow and REX. Good luck all! EDIT: Picture is always very small when I view this post. Please click to enlarge.
  7. "rocky" 's posts have been really useful to me whereever and whenever I read them. I don't know a specific topic as proof, it's just the first person I remember when I think helpful guys here. Maybe someone else thinks that, too... Btw, May I ask how to become a beta tester of an aerosoft product? I'd really like to do that!
  8. The traffic in FSX eats LOADS of FPS, so try to limit traffic as much as you can (25% or less). I suggest you read the post "Why I get 50 FPS and you might not", located in the same forum, it explains how to use the settings in FSX so have best FPS AND visual result! And everything above 25 FPS is superb!
  9. With version 2.16 alpha you can also render videos: http://www.fs-recorder.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=564 I think you can do screenshots at any time by pressing "print" (german keyboards have this button...) So you just choose/ create a cameraview with FS-Recorder and make a screenshot. You can also record AI-Traffic with FS-Recorder . I hope it's ok I'm writing it in here, if this goes on, I open a thread :/
  10. This one's great! Instead of waiting for the correct aircraft you can work with FS-Recorder and create the traffic yourself Check it out!
  11. Here's mine. You see Innsbruck's airport (LOWI) located in austrian in the alps, in FSX using Aerosofts's "Innsbruck Approach". Great add-on, but compared to reality it shows also the size of the remaining way. Error while uninstalling the add-on, so sorry for just two pictures.
  12. Dude I was as disappointed as you when I recieved my new computer few weeks ago. Its not AS good as yours (gtx 560, 8 gb ram) but I expected more. 10 FPS with a few add-ons! What helps, is the list above mentioned. Just take a sunday, shut the door, and go through it. After you've done this, you should visit this site: http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html Just upload your .cfg file there it will optimize it for your specific computer. Make sure you make a back-up of the original .cfg before overwriting. This should give you another FPS-boost. You also should do some experiments with your settings. Turn of any shadows (plane, ground scenery) if you can resign it. Also lower the traffic as much as you can, these settings eat A LOT FPS. Configuring your system will take some time, it's not that easy
  13. I suppose you mean REX with xtreme environment (haven't found any similar add-on). I have Ultimate Terrain X, Ground Environment X and REX running and there is no trouble at all. I think FSX recognizes the REX water, which is I think better than the UTX water. Generally UTX has no influence on add-on airports or add-on sceneries. What I don't know is whether UTX and FS Global work together, but everything else should work. E.g. you can put together - FSDreamteam Las Vegas, MegaScenery Las Vegas - London City Airport, VFR London X MfG
  14. The ifly 737 lands on runway 27R of Hannover, wind 170° at 30 knots. 3 different views, enjoy!
  15. Thanks for your nice comments . I'm a little confused 'cause this scenery is available from flytampa and aerosoft. Was it just teamwork? Or what???
  16. Enjoy the scenery by aerosoft and listen to the great engine sounds!!
  17. Aerosofts airport is a little higher located than the default airport. As written in the manual, there are 2 airports named Lukla you can choose, but one is marked as the right/false one (can't remember). Make sure, you choose the right airport to start at! Hope it helps
  18. I think it's Aerosoft Lukla X . Lukla is located next to the mount everest so the airport is used by many climbers.
  19. Sorry, I think my last post did not include the picture (I'm new here and failed to upload), but hopefully here it is: a 737 between the fractions of the famous cologne cathedral (in german Kölner Dom). Good luck you all
  20. October, 2011: At this time EDDF's new runway is going to be ready- for landings only. Due to the great distance between the old tower and the new runway, a new tower is put into operation. What do you think, is there a chance that an add-on is produced, including the new runway and tower? I'd love it! ebksb123
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