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  1. Great to hear that the F2/F2A is resurfacing again!
  2. I know this is probably a bit more unconventional, but I think it would be a very good fit for MSFS as it stands right now. The Blackburn Buccaneer S2 for MSFS 2020. While it's a little niche(like the former P3D Lightning), I think it would have an exceptional place in MSFS. Considering the exceptional scenery that the sim has, the Buccaneer has great low level flying capabilities so you can really see it all up close, at speed. Plus, I suppose if you skip over the weapons systems, most of the other systems are comparatively simple compared to a modern fighter given that they're all 50s era gauges. Boundary Layer Control would probably be the largest challenge. Anyway, we haven't seen a proper Buccaneer in many years for flight sim.
  3. Was literally the next page along.
  4. I was just wondering, has any progress been made on the F2/F2A cockpits?
  5. Well, let's put some ideas down. Firstly, I don't think we necessarily need to start from scratch with some stuff. Ultimately, the basic layout and boundaries(at least from what I can see) of taxiways, runways etc. seem pretty good. Otherwise I'll put some pointers down, that I think may be worth looking at: - For me, the grass of the airfield really irks me. Finding and editing some satellite imagery, and/or any aerial views of the base when it was operational may be very useful. Perhaps just adding some character would go a long way. - Getting some grit on the taxiways with spilled oil etc - Updating and/or replacing many of the buildings to more modern standards. I think many of this stuff was made in 2005 - 2010, and excessively impacts my computer. Even just having the assets compiled in V4 would probably go a long way! - Perhaps placing the odd Lightning decoy as a static? I don't really know where they were placed, so I would defer to you, though of course this asks of your modelling skills. - Perhaps work on getting seasonal textures, given that it snowed there? - Looking into more realistic flight plans or sort of circuits the Lightning may have flown for the AI? I'm sure I am missing a point or two on this. What I can at least help with is some texture work. In the short term I'm going to see if I can do anything with getting something more photorealistic on the airfield. Otherwise - it may be possible to get models from other developers if they are more 'modern.' Certainly talking to former developers from ACG may go a long way. As I am aware most people here use Team SDB, but for me I use a freeware one made by Ted Harrison. It's a bit of a bore finding all the necessary assets to get it together, but it's generally OK. So probably coming to an agreement over what to base our stuff on would be a good start. Any little improvements we can get I think would be great.
  6. I'm not sure whether I may be just shooting at the stars on this, as I have little to no knowledge on this, but perhaps it may be a productive investigation. A lot of the scenery files we have been using, whether Team SDB or freeware are really quite old now and frankly compared to scenery packages of the last five years are significantly better. Perhaps we could look into getting a working group together towards making, or possibly vastly updating the airfield. Even as an example a lot of the textures are very dull and flat - perhaps some repainting skills could be repurposed? Considering we're in a season of quarantine, perhaps having a sniff around towards having a crack at making a better Binbrook could be good? It is also possible we could ask ACG for some assets to help us out...?
  7. It is quite a joy to fly. I've also optimized my setup for VR, and flying at 60FPS with this plane is a true pleasure!
  8. Hello all, Thought it had been a little while since I had last posted. I've been trying to do a lot of tweaking on the flight simulator to get it running well. Here's some pictures of the T4 and F6 flying around various parts of the UK. Enjoy! Peter
  9. Will be excited to see progress on the F2A. As a specific variant would there be refinements on engine performance etc? Like slightly longer ranges due to the older Avons? Peter
  10. Perhaps you could try either on Facebook the Lightning Appreciation Group, there are some F1/F2/F2A pilots there. Failing that RAFM Hendon may be a good option?
  11. You're right. Thing is I've been sort of learning as I go along, so I didn't know how to do that beforehand. But I'm sure now I can do it fairly quickly. I remember with the roundel that I copied it from another texture of yours, but I doubt it would be difficult to restructure that. Problem is I'm 20 years old, so I've hardly seen Lightnings, let alone an F1A. I saw the variations, but the ones that had the dayglo sticker on the right had a different crest on the tail... which is problematic. In regards to the nameplate, I have no idea what it looks like specifically. These repaints have been quite a bit of a learning experience! Peter
  12. Got a little distracted but I've got back to finishing XM192 up. Quite pleased with the effects so far. Just need to move onto the wings.
  13. So what are your thoughts on this? I've only done the front texture so far today, but I've wanted to give it a bit of a worn look there. On some of the panels I put a scratched metal picture on top, lowered the opacity on it to give it a more used look. I also put those panels there on the alpha and coloured them accordingly some it would be a mix of dull and shine. Then I went to the alpha and used the scratched metal look and put it over the whole aircraft(though I may remove it from the bottom), so some areas are shinier than others as it goes through the light. In no way am I asking it to be super realistic - but is it somewhat realistic/expected?
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