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  1. Will be excited to see progress on the F2A. As a specific variant would there be refinements on engine performance etc? Like slightly longer ranges due to the older Avons? Peter
  2. Perhaps you could try either on Facebook the Lightning Appreciation Group, there are some F1/F2/F2A pilots there. Failing that RAFM Hendon may be a good option?
  3. You're right. Thing is I've been sort of learning as I go along, so I didn't know how to do that beforehand. But I'm sure now I can do it fairly quickly. I remember with the roundel that I copied it from another texture of yours, but I doubt it would be difficult to restructure that. Problem is I'm 20 years old, so I've hardly seen Lightnings, let alone an F1A. I saw the variations, but the ones that had the dayglo sticker on the right had a different crest on the tail... which is problematic. In regards to the nameplate, I have no idea what it looks like specifically. These repaints have been quite a bit of a learning experience! Peter
  4. Got a little distracted but I've got back to finishing XM192 up. Quite pleased with the effects so far. Just need to move onto the wings.
  5. So what are your thoughts on this? I've only done the front texture so far today, but I've wanted to give it a bit of a worn look there. On some of the panels I put a scratched metal picture on top, lowered the opacity on it to give it a more used look. I also put those panels there on the alpha and coloured them accordingly some it would be a mix of dull and shine. Then I went to the alpha and used the scratched metal look and put it over the whole aircraft(though I may remove it from the bottom), so some areas are shinier than others as it goes through the light. In no way am I asking it to be super realistic - but is it somewhat realistic/expected?
  6. Appreciate the advice. I've just started moving onto my next paint, working on Wattisham Target Facilities Flight. I've been trying to capture the sort of dull shine the older F1As had with scratches on top. I've only done the tail so far, but I really want to try and do this properly. If anyone has any pictures of older silver tails that looks at the scratches and colour smudges that would be great. Any further advice is always appreciated. Peter
  7. Hello, I've uploaded my textures for XR773 when it was part of 11 Squadron in a silver finish: Peter
  8. Version 1.0.0


  9. Hello all, Just wanted to say I've uploaded this repaint if you wish to use it for yourself:
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Made this repaint of XS451 when it had served with 11 Squadron. Enjoy. Peter
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Made this repaint of XS451 when it had served with 11 Squadron. Enjoy. Peter
  12. The files in the GIMP folder are of a .xcf extension, but they have all of the layers in there. I think for me I'm just trying to become more efficient in making the textures. Out of interest, how do you align all the alpha things to account for markings, and how do you integrate markings onto specular files? Peter
  13. Fantastic really appreciate it. You wouldn't mind sending the file over to me? Cheers, Peter
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