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  1. Working now. Had to reinstall and check the static jetway block. Thanks for the prompt help.
  2. No, it'ts not there. by the way thanks for the fast response.
  3. FSX is my Version. The warning I got is in parenthesis above. I did a system restore which took it back about a week. Reinstalled Kai Tek and AES to no avail. I have about 7 or so airports using AES and they all work except Kai Tek. Any ideas?
  4. AES cannot seem to find it for some reason. It initally worked fine and now it does not. (not found or not active. Please install or activate in scenery first) Well, all of this has been checked and Kai Tak works fine but No AES ! Windows 7, 64bit - Service Pack 2
  5. Sure wish Full AES worked with this airport. How long do u think for this AES update?
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