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  1. Hi Dominik Thank you Cheers Howard
  2. Sirs Please ignore I found the click panel. All now OK Howard
  3. Sirs I bought your CD. It was delivered today. I installed it to FSX & found that the radio in the main cockpit panel has radio problems with the transponder only showing 3 numbers instead of the required 4. Also whilst NAV1 is OK there is no Nav2 or ADF so I cannot use this aircraft to fly online. I gave administrator rights befor doing the installation even though I have UAV turned off. I also uninstalled & reinstalled without good radio. I attach a picture, Please advise Howard
  4. hralphbuk

    DHC-2 Beaver

    What is the latest version and how do I check if I have it please Finally if I don't have the latest version where do I go to get it. Many thanks Howard
  5. I agree with Oliver. When the 800/900 is intalled it updates some 600/700 gauges etc so doing it the other way round will give problems Howard
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