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  1. We do not sell FSE at Aerosoft as it is not properly supported by LAGO as you have found out. But FSE is the FS2004 version of FSSE, but products being done while I was still running development there. When I left the the exchange module was not online and other then writing the specs I was not involved in that. So I am sorry, but there just is nothing I can do for you. Wish I could because I still feel very strong about that product..
  2. Greg, the order was processed, you should be seeing the download link on the Order History Page now.
  3. Indeed, and with FSx around the corner it would not be wise to start working on these very large projects. When we got more info on FSx we'll know more and start planning.
  4. To get fact straight... Tim is not involved with the ship at this moment. That is all done by my good folks in Russia.
  5. I would not see any obvious reason for your effect other than the simple fact the chopper is very heavy on a lot of parts but above all on graphics memory, what you could see is a fast swap of textures. As you fly more ground textures need to be loaded and this could clearly cause an effect like that. It's easy to test.... go to the middle of the Pacific and make a flight file there. Make sure that that is your startup flight. Now start FS and see what happens. There can be hardly any ground textures loaded at that time.
  6. Hector, the product comes with the manual of course and as it is part of the copyrighted material, it can NOT be shared in any way. If you package or download came without manual, write to us at info@aerosoft-shop.com and we'll assist you.
  7. But there is no need to hide what I consider a bug behind an incorrect explanation that blames Microsoft. We'll I am not one of their customers and we should not misuse this forum to attack a competitor.
  8. I will also check this out to see if they have all patches. And of course don't worry, you won't have to buy it again.
  9. Most likely you are feeding in the power too fast, the big rotor really need to be brought up to speed very gently otherwise the engine will just not keep it's revs and will not give you enough power. The step by step guide in the manual describes the process in some detail.
  10. This one is created for a project that needs to be run from laptops so the version we are going to do iwill be very very smooth.
  11. We forward you to the forum because this is a product we did not create in the company, we just distribute it. And as your question is really rather 'wide' we believe it is better the people who create the problem and written the manual assist you in this case. It seems to indicate there is a problem with the manual but we have not seen these questions before. So we could start into a rather long duration question and answer session with you trying to find out what you are doing incorrect or we can send it to the developers who probably answered this question a few times before. If you prefer us to do the support we would be glad to assist you of course! We also forward you to the boxed support because it is a product we do not sell online, so perhaps they have heard the question before.
  12. Now we pay for this forum, so cool it guys.
  13. We are not going to comment much on it, but we are working on small addition to the Seahawk... Will have an updated Coast Guard version of the Seahawk (more visual details, more animations), a spanking new Coast Gueard Cutter, nice tool to place the Cutter any where you like it. Cheapo update from current Seahawk versions (boxed and online), very reasonable price for the full version containing the ship and the Coast Guard Seahawk. Release date, well..... lets say..... it can be counted in weeks, not months.
  14. Frank, first of all sorry for the English answer, I read German well, but people start to laugh when I write it. Clearly your message was missed by our German speaking support staff, Sascha who normally handles this was unavailable last week and clearly the message was missed during that period. Unfortunate and incorrect, mea culpa. Of course the answer to your question is easy to give. Freight Dogs has NOT yet been shipped to the stores, but the 172 has been shipped to the stores. If they have it or if they stock it at all is of course a bit beyond our control. The final code of Freight Dogs has been delivered to the box department today, so I don't think it will take long.
  15. Sorry for the english (I read German well but people start to laugh very loud when I write it). I propose not to mess around to much with this CD issue as it will be very hard to determine what the problem is, thousands of copies have been shipped so we expect to find an issue like you have on some machines (it is extremely rare btw). What would be the best solution is that you get the download version (without cost of course!). If you write to info@aerosoft-shop.com and refer to this message, Shaun will assist you in getting that version.
  16. This discussion has been done a few times here but it is really a hard one for us as we work on a royalty base for this product. sim-wings is selling the same bundle on simMarket right now, so it will be a lot easier to get the discount done there. We just can not change it without some negotiation. simMarket has the option to link discounts to previous orders (our shop does not have this option right now). It is of course not a very strange thing in commerce to sell parts seperate and then bundle it for a reduced price. As with all things you pay a addtional price when you buy early.
  17. The best way to solve this is the get a clean FS9.cfg by renaming the original one. The issue is caused by a setting there. Unfortunatly there are more and more addons that work best with (or even demand) different settings in that file. When you rename the file and restart FS it will create a new one.
  18. It is rather easy to lower the objects with FSE of course. They look pretty well organised there and it would be a shame to loose them. In FSE you can just select the object and 'slew' it down.
  19. Our pleasure... really. Write to Shaun on info@aerosoft-shop.com and you'll get instructions on how to get that freebie. And don't forget that you can always open the manuals from the Aerosoft menu inside FS2004.
  20. Credit cards are like knifes... useful but in the wrong hands a danger. That is one impressive order, Tom. Could we offer you a free aircraft as a token of our appreciation? I recommend the Super Cub or the Katana for the scenery you bought. Or the Beech if you want to go a bit faster.
  21. Thanks for the kind words.
  22. Well, there is no doubt, for Germany there is a lot more available, both from us and in freeware. What I like a lot about Germany is that fact you get a lot of different stuff, winter and summer, flat country and alps, the biggest and the smallest airports in Europe. I seriously believe it is the best covered area in the world for FS.
  23. Right... we beat simmarket every day... Only joking, these bundles will always be cheaper to buy, we have (most off) the single airports as well online first, but will always remove them as soon as I got the same pack as the boxed product. Online customers get stuff early and often more recent versions, but it makes no sense to sell the seperate products when the full bundle is available in box for less.
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