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  1. With an AMD CPU you will simply get more FPS per dollar at this moment. What is your total budget?
  2. P3D V5 is unfortunately not very stable at this moment. I can in great confidence tell you that nearly everybody around me went back to V4.5.
  3. That issue is clearly related to a corrupted .NET framework. Check this:
  4. and an update to - Several optimizations at the ground of the airport for day and nighttime - Taxiway Lines got more contrast, added layers for apron, less tyre marks at apron, tyre marks removed outside apron surfaces - RWY concrete texture changed - Shadow layer for buildings on apron (Ambient Occlusion) - Changed glass color at terminals to green glass, partly changed night textures - Fixed dynamic lights color to LED and related to PBR Materials on Aircrafts - Build 3D spotter hill in the south of the airport - Added hills on the north side between Taxiway and Erdinger Allee - Advertising added at T1 jetways - Reworked advertising on T2 jetways (blue gradient) - Fixed wrong sign at gate 117B - removed double vehicles at Gate 251
  5. It is unavoidable unfortunately. There are a few more airports that have the same issue as the terrain database is just not precise enough.
  6. Munich "Franz Josef Strauss" Airport is located 28 kilometers northeast of Munich, Germany. It is a hub for Lufthansa and Star Alliance partner airlines. Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic, while it is one of the 10 busiest airports in Europe. This add-on includes both STRG-J and SODE animated jetways (those as an optional download) – the user can choose for himself. The airport has been designed with countless static objects, 3D approach lightning and high-resolution AFCAD dates. With the help of the provided configurator, one can add more features like for example airport traffic, dynamic lights or static objects to further ensure that this scenery is highly realistic. Features: Highly detailed scenery of Munich Airport and the immediate vicinity Aerial photos for the airport and the surrounding area (Schwaig and Halberger Moos), elaborately color-corrected for a true color display Spring / Summer, Fall, Winter and Hard Winter textures Detailed ground lines and stands according to current maps Taxiway bridges over the access roads Centerlines adapted on T1 (for the construction site area there will be an update as soon as the buildings are actually completed) Autogen houses and vegetation at the aerial photo area, seamlessly connecting to the default simulator landscape or Orbx Germany South Compatible with Orbx Germany South Extremely detailed Munich airport buildings with interiors (apron side) and all auxiliary buildings Complete freight area with container storage, halls and buildings Animated jetways (STRG-J), SODE jetways as an optional free download Functional safegates with coordinate tables at every station, no need to use another add-on Working windsocks Pre-calculated shadows on buildings (ambient occlusion) Animated vehicle traffic at and around the airport Many static apron vehicles, configurable in the config tool Detailed AFCAD, current navigation data and approaches Configuration tool Easy installation: no change of default files of the simulator; SODE is not required for use, all corresponding functions are implemented with Prepar3D SDK tools Optimized dynamic lights (can be switched on or off in certain areas using the configuration tool) Automatically switching runway lights based on weather or time conditions Realistic runway, taxiway and approach lighting, flashes with dynamic lighting effects PBR materials, e.g. on buildings, jetways, rain effects etc.
  7. Normally I do that, but I was out for a few days (and we got a lot of people on vacation). Handling it now.
  8. Sorry, was out for a few days, even I need 4 days of vacation a year, lol. The 'core simulator' is installed in a location selected by Microsoft (we do not know the exact size but it is not very large). However as has been shown here you can move that later. The 'content' can be installed in a location of your choice (this is around 90 Gb).
  9. Sorry, please use a general forum and not a company forum to do a kickstarter.
  10. I might have a work around tomorrow.
  11. Try this one:
  12. It should work and at this moment we are the only ones making boxed copies. They will be widely available in retail in most European countries
  13. I am not fully sure what you are asking, Rana. I remember your software very well, used a lot of it.
  14. Indeed, as far as I know, nothing has been officially announced on that (also not on multi-monitor!). So I would not assume any of this is in the first release. As I said before, this is not FS2020, this is Microsoft Flight Simulator. A completely new platform, not an update.
  15. I did have very serious talks with the developers. Super nice people. But at this moment I do not believe there is a lot shared about this part and I do not believe it a high priority for Asobo and Microsoft. They are making a new platform for PC and XBox, and while the most certainly have the high end simmers like you obviously are in mind, the priority is on getting the base done. A base (hopefully) for many times more simmers then there are now. Nobody knows what Microsoft is investing in this project, but I believe the term ' a shit load' is not far from the mark. To break even they have to sell a hell of a lot of copies (which we love!). Do not compare that to Lockheed and P3D. We are talking different scales. Again, I know from experience that all the devs at Asobo love hardcore flight simming and they WILL deliver. I just would expect that to be initially. That is just my impression though.
  16. Please use the correct forum (and the old livery installer is available there).
  17. No problem GEK, none what so ever. There are multiple versions of the sim and multiple ways of buying it. If one is easier than the other for you, do select that one. We sell all versions, boxed and download.
  18. Friends, a kind word. Please keep in mind that Aerosoft does not set the rules for this new sim.
  19. I am sorry you felt offended by my post, not intended by me. The offline mode means that you are not getting real time traffic, real time weather or some of the petabytes of data that is streamed. If you do not need this, do not want this, or if you believe that MS/Asobo deliberately deceived you, I strongly recommend you stay with P3D. It is a fantastic sim that we'll keep on supporting. As I said in that case this is simply not a product for you. That happens and that is no problem to us in any way. As I written many times, we do not decide, we make the add-ons for the simulator that customers use.
  20. As far as we know MFS checks your XBox account on startup. If this turns out to be incorrect we will inform you.
  21. Sorry, I am not willing to make a my statements regarding schedules. What I can say is that we are hard at work and that we do not want to 'port' project with the minimal feature set (otherwise it makes a lot of sense to stay with P3d V4 or V5). We want to use the sim fully with all features. But so far I am pretty happy with all progress.
  22. We always try to reply within 24 hours sir and most of the people in our offices have gone home already. And actually we are incredibly busy at this moment. We will reply to you tomorrow for sure. Don't worry please.
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