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  1. 1 hour ago, wrightt said:

    This is so exciting. Can’t wait.  Thank you for reviving this - I was really disappointed when you had to discontiue its development.


    So were we. Believe me, we lost sleep, but the developper (Jeff) solved it. 

  2. Known Limitations

    • Simple Traffic applies liveries to the default MSFS AI models. It does not make changes to the models themselves, and therefore inherits all the properties of those models and any changes made in Sim Updates.
    • Simple Traffic has no influence on AI aircraft parking locations, taxi paths, or flight paths. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine.
    • In Online AI mode, liveries are selected according to the live traffic data feed within the sim. If Simple Traffic does not yet include a livery for a given airline, then a random livery is selected. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine.
    • If the MSFS ‘Ground Aircraft Density’ slider is set above 0, static aircraft will be generated at airport parking locations with random (geographically inaccurate) liveries. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine. In Offline AI mode, parked aircraft are automatically populated according to the (geographically accurate) offline traffic routes and schedules. We therefore recommend to set this slider to 0 in Offline AI mode.
    • Without special steps to disable it, the stock MSFS offline traffic routes and schedules will continue to generate some offline AI flights with random liveries. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine. Unfortunately, this cannot be overridden using replacement files in the Community folder alone (but can be manually overridden with changes to a file in the Official folder).
    • The flight plan datasets used to derive Simple Traffic’s AI routes and schedules have very good coverage for Europe, the USA, and Australia, but some other regions (e.g., Russia, China, The Middle East, Africa, and South America) have only partial coverage at present.
    • Simple Traffic is designed to completely replace the MSFS ‘Generic’ twin-jet and quad-jet AI aircraft. Any other AI add-ons which also contain ‘Generic’ twin-jet or quad-jet aircraft will cause a conflict (see Conflict Checking section above). We therefore recommend that any other AI addons containing ‘Generic’ aircraft should be uninstalled or re-configured.
    • Due to a known bug in MSFS, in Online AI traffic mode, AI traffic spawns with no front landing gear at airports and does not depart: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/new-live-traffic-bug-departing-aircraft-spawn-with-front-landing-gear-up-and-dont-actually-depart/427249. This bug does not affect Offline AI traffic mode.
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  3. Every MSFS aircraft add-on package includes an aircraft.cfg file which governs the behaviour of that aircraft object in the sim. There are several configuration properties that are relevant for AI purposes:


    • icao_model
      • This property defines the aircraft type ICAO code that this object is meant to represent (e.g., "A20N").
    • icao_engine_type
      • This property defines the engine type for this object (e.g., "Jet", “Single-Prop”, etc.).
    • icao_engine_count
      • This property defines the number of engines for this object (e.g., 2, 4, etc.).
    • icao_WTC
      • This property defines the wake type code for this object (e.g., “L”, “M”, “H”, etc.).
    • icao_generic
      • This property defines whether the sim should consider this object as a ‘Generic’ AI object for this combination of engine type, engine count, and wake type.


    • IsAirTraffic
      • This property defines whether the sim should use this object for AI purposes and whether it should therefore be considered as a candidate for AI model-matching.

    For Simple Traffic to work as intended, it is important that it is the only installed add-on with the icao_generic flag is set to 1 for the following combinations:

    • icao_engine_type = “Jet”
    • icao_engine_count = “2” or “4”
    • icao_WTC = “L” or “M” or “H”

    To avoid conflicts, any other AI aircraft add-ons for the above combinations should have their icao_generic property set to 0.

  4. 2 hours ago, Joe Markowski said:

    If there's no GA aircraft, what will happen at smaller/regional airports?  Will they have no traffic or will you end up with large airliners?  I'm guessing based on above comments that Simple Traffic wouldn't affect it at all since the sim (hopefully) thinks there should be no large aircraft there.


    Simple Traffic uses the standard AI Traffic of the sim, so nothing will change there. Simple Traffic applies liveries to the native MSFS twin-jet, quad-jet, and regional-jet default AI models, which are optimized to minimize the impact on FPS.


    2 hours ago, Joe Markowski said:

    Will it make use of any add-on aircraft present such as the CRJ?


    I have to check on that.


    2 hours ago, Joe Markowski said:

    This may be a more MSFS-centric question, but will the traffic be visible to external tools/add-ons like Pilot2ATC?


    Again, as this is basically the default AI traffic, if it works with the default AI Traffic it will work with Simple Traffic. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, part121 said:

    Southwest showing up for Peak season help 🙂 That’s interesting because the radio traffic I’ve experienced within the sim mentions UPS flights quite often. Also surprised there’s not a single 747 in the picture. I have no idea what the sim does with 757s, 767s and MD11s. Thanks for checking!


    I checked this without Simple Traffic and there was also no 4 engined aircraft, so i think that is something in the sim.

  6. 3 hours ago, part121 said:

    The only reason I signed up for an Aerosoft forums account is so I could tell you “thank you” for continuing this project. I will be first in line to purchase it. Nothing is more frustrating than to fly over KSDF and see a bunch of “cartoon” liveries when the place should be crawling with UPS “browntails”. As a multi-decade employee of the “Big Brown” airline, and initial beta tester for MSFS 2020, I had contacted Asobo and offered to pursue getting the UPS livery into MSFS 2020 as an in-product livery. They basically told me to not bother. So, once again, thank you!


    Yes, but I am adding a word of caution here. Though we include UPS and KSDF, we still work within the sim so what airlines you see depends a lot on what the sim believes is correct. I just flew over the airport and saw this:




    Will ask about UPS.

  7. 42 minutes ago, Andrea0921 said:

    What have you done in 5 months? Rewrite a lot of code. There are not so many reasons for that… nor so many realms.


    Actually we did not. You are simply wrong in all your assumptions but I am not as said I am not at liberty to explain what caused the delay. 


    And I am closing this discussion with that comment.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Andrea0921 said:

    I wish I was. But no, just things you have to hide are always pretty bad things.


    Like your passwords? Do you pick such bad passwords?


    Our sales data? The terms of our contracts? Anything covered by an NDA?  That fantastic new aircraft project I just saw? All things that we will hide from you and that are in no way bad things. Just things we decided not to tell you. None of your business. 


    What I can tell you that NONE of the things you mention have anything to do with the delay. It's not even in the same realm. 


  9. Gates at wrong side of aircraft

    If you see the gates attached to the wrong side of the aircraft like this (SimUpdate 6 status):

    it is because the aircraft.cfg contains two Main Exit definitions.  We have bo idea why this is and if it serves a purpose but if tweak the cfg files you can avoid this


    number_of_interactive_points = 10
    interactive_point.0 = 0.4, 27.93, -6.05, 3.02, 0, 0, 0, -86, 72, 16, 85, 3, -2, 33
    interactive_point.1 = 0.4, 27.93, 6.05, 3.02, 0, 0, 0, 86, 85, 3, 72, 16, -2, 33
    interactive_point.2 = 0.4, -53, -5.2, 3, 0, 0, 0, -103, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
    interactive_point.3 = 0.4, -53, 5.2, 3, 0, 0, 0, 103, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0


    Change the blue digits from 0 (Main Exit) to 2 (Emergency Exit) and the gates will not attach to it. Do note this is not an effect of Simple Traffic but works for the standard sim.


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