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  1. On 8/1/2020 at 11:24 PM, Eduard Gasull said:

    Don’t know buddy they don’t answered. At least I haven’t clear if they don’t develop new models for p3dv4.5 but I hope they at least continue support and updating the not any oldest busses


    We are not working on new models but certainly on improvements for the whole Bus range for P3d V4.5 (and v5 though we don't like that one very much). But fact is that MFS will simply be a lot bigger market. A lot bigger. Just the fact it will sell everywhere, retail, steam, MS store etc means it will attract a whole new generation of simmers. If you count that at Asobo there are around 100 people working on the sim (as was stated in some YT vids) for the last 4 years and who knows how many in Seattle you get an idea on the total cost. Now calculate how many copies MS needs to sell to break even. Either it will dwarf P3D or Microsoft will lose a bucket of money. 


    We fully expect a lot of people will try it and go back to P3D until there are enough add-ons, we seen that with every update for the last 20 years. But in the end the new platform always wins. And MFS is simply an incredible attractive platform to work for!


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  2. 28 minutes ago, flyboy340 said:


    Mathijs, thank you for all your hard work and time spent answering so many questions on this forum.


    Whilst I understand that the DVD “problem” is Microsoft’s decision. Could you please confirm whether Microsoft is working on a “fix” for a DVD having to be left in the DVD drive every time I use Microsoft Flight Simulator?  It seems ludicrous that the download only version has no such archaic restrictions.


    Unfortunately, it will be with regret that I will have to cancel my Deluxe Box set if there is not a way around having to keep the DVD in the drive at all time whilst using MFS. I cannot afford to buy a box version to line up alongside every other version of MFS I have and buy the download version because the DVD issue will drive me insane.



    No need to thank me, I get actually paid for that! And no, I see no signs of Microsoft changing their mind. In confidence I can say it is not seen as the best step by some people in the MS/Asobo team.


    And don't worry about canceling your order, we'll sell every copy we are allowed to make very easy. Retail shops are ordering large numbers.

  3. 10 hours ago, amahran said:

    I hope some easier development tools are available for users to build their own "addons" without difficult uptake. Not sure if Aerosoft can comment on that just yet, though, given the NDA in place.


    If anything I think you have to assume it will be more complex.  In almost any way every development for the new sim will be standard games development. From a niche product it has transformed to really a modern game (sorry, simulator).

  4. 20 hours ago, Stewart said:

    Ok here is my question. I am interested in buying the boxed version purely for collection purposes. Now I understand that to be able to run the sim on my computer without having to insert the disc every time , I would have to purchase a separate online version (either Microsoft store or steam version). This isn't really a problem for me. However if I buy the basic version online will I be able to add the extras that come with the Premium deluxe disc version (assuming that I bought the premium deluxe version on disc)? Or would it be best to buy the premium deluxe version online and just buy the basic version on disc, Is there any difference in the contents of the box between the basic disc version and the premium deluxe disc version apart from the data on the discs themselves?


    As far as we know you will be able to upgrade the download version. As we do not sell that one however, I can not reply with certainty. The boxed version can not be upgraded.

  5. 5 hours ago, Tomcat1940 said:


    I am a FSX freeware developer for aircraft and scenery products. My question regarding a support for the .mdl and .bgl format was answered very vague,(see below) 



    I do not think it was vague, but totally missing! I think these questions should be asked to Microsoft and not Aerosoft.


    Will  answer 4 though. As far as we are aware it will be available to anybody.  Microsoft and Asobo want this to be a fully open platform.

  6. On 7/31/2020 at 4:30 PM, mseder said:

    Thanks for all this info Mathjis. 

    1 So then what FS 2020 offers is not about aircrafts and airport sceneries but the amazing general graphics/realityfeeling plus other things of course.
    2 So this means that if you really care for detailed airports and in depth functionality for the aircrafts like yours, PMDG or Qualitywings 787, you're back to square one, like with FSX, a pretty costsome journey investing in add-ons (mods)?
    3 Then maybe it's a good idea not buying the premium version of FS2020 as the extra number of at least aircrafts will not pay-off while the sceneries ("high end add-on airport of 5 years back") might do.
    4 Do I have any kind of use for all the Aerosoft sceneries or aircrafts I've bought for the FSX? Are they convertable, is there a costreduction etc?
    5 Can you reveal how many of your existing sceneries and aircrafts will be converted/new and available for sale from august?



    Tjee. complex questions...


    1. As ever before, the sim itself is the platform, you need it for the add-ons, should you want those. What is new is that the platform is new and very modern. 

    2. Yes. Same as every new version of FS.  Keep in mind that X-Plane and P3D are very valid platforms at this moment.

    3. Mmmmm... if you are a serious hardcore simmer, perhaps. But keep in mind that the added value of the more expensive versions can NOT be replaced by add-ons at this moment and even when there will be add-ons even one will cost more then the price difference between the MFS version. 

    4. As always we will offer update offer based on how much files have changed. if 100% of files are changed you will not get an update option, if we only have to change 25% of files you will get a serious discount. You only pay for new files (try to find that promise from any other company btw). There will be no products that can be 'moved by customers'. The platforms are just to different. And that is a good thing. If there would be serious backward compatibility the new platform would be castrated. You want something new. Believe me.

    5. In August we will have only one product that is 100% compatible. OnAir. It is being tested every day and we know it works. You can buy it now. The issue is that the SDK is being made as we speak. Aerosoft is very very much involved in that as will be clear in a few weeks. Almost all of our staff is fully on MFS projects at this moment. HOWEVER, anything that can be ported back to P3D versions will be. And a lot is.

  7. On 7/31/2020 at 11:38 AM, Anton M-E said:


    Honestly., we love you to buy the boxed version from us, but even more important we love you to buy the simulator. 


    See, we love X-Plane, we love P3D (v5 not so much, but the platform we feel is still incredibly vibrant) and there is absolutely no intention to drop those platforms from what we support.  It is not our decision, we go where our customers are.  But fact is that MFS is the new giant to beat. We have all seen the videos on YouTube the last few days and everybody now understands the default sim puts the bar incredibly high for add-ons. We at Aerosoft are incredibly excited this new platform and soon you will see more about our involvement with it.  Let's just say that Microsoft's marketing department has something to say about what we can share, lol.


    But to give you an idea on our ideas on this platform. Four weeks ago @Tom F started in our support department specifically (and full time) to support this new platform and our add-ons. X-Plane users know that we do not only support our add-ons but also assist the platform itself because it makes sense. Tomorrow morning, Anne, our new modeler, will start on creating a completely new Twin Otter. These are very serious investments. 




  8. 13 hours ago, mseder said:


    I hope I haven't missed a reply to below question somewhere in this thread.

    FS 2020 comes with a certain amount of airports that I assume are faaar more detailed than what the P3D/FSX Add on sceneries offers regardless of provider.

    1 But what about the FS 2020 generic airports, how would you say that the quality of those are?

    2 Will Aerosoft's sceneries be available in that 3:rd party store and if so, what sceneries will then be there. And what about all the other add-on scenery providers, will their previous work be available there as well?

    And almost the same questions as the previous ones but regarding aircrafts

    3 I assume the the built in aircrafts like 747-8, A320neo etc are at least just as detailed as the e.g. Aeorsoft's A330 professional  or?

    4 And also, will Aerosoft offer their aircrafts in that 3:rd party shop like the A330 which is not part of the built in aircrafts.

    E.g. I assume there should be a B737 in that 3:rd party shop  as it's not part of the built in aircrafts

    So in conclusion what is the status of that 3:rd party shop.



    0. No, the high def default airports should be compared to high end add-on airport of 5 years back.  Damned good but there are certainly improvements possible.

    1. Hard to quantify, but they are basic for sure. I would say 4 times the objects of default P3d/FSX airports

    2. I can only speak for our products but we will try to sell our add-ons via our own shop, our affiliate shops and via the build in Flight Store.

    3. Absolutely not. They are rather basic, low system depth. They are great for beginners to get a good idea of how that type of aircraft flies. The smaller aircraft are more comparable with add-ons but still more basic.

    4. Yes we will offer aircraft add-ons for the new sim.

  9. Discover the East Frisian North Sea islands with the new XPlane 11 add-on German Islands 1: East Frisia.

    Every single island included – from Norderney over Langeoog to Borkum – has been built with attention to detail. This gets especially clear with the manually placed HD vegetation on the islands, realistically recreated autogen and many striking landmarks.

    All airfields have been implemented based on over 5.000 photographs and are thus very lifelike. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to approach helipads.

    Thanks to the additional HD ground layout with PBR and static aircrafts that have been created individually for the region, there is nothing left to interfere with the realistic simulation flight experience.


    • Realistic replica of the East Frisian islands Borkum, Juist, Noderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog, Kachelotplate, Memmert, Minsener Oog and Mellum
      • Complete Orthophoto coverage with depth effect
      • Manually placed HD vegetation
      • Realistically recreated autogen houses
      • Relevant landmarks, e.g. lighthouses, beacons, restaurants, harbour buildings, beach chairs etc.
    • Highly detailed realisation of all airfields, based on over 5.000 on-site photographs
      • Borkum EDWR
      • Juist EDWJ
      • Norderney EDWY
      • Baltrum EDWZ
      • Langeoog EDWL
      • Wangerooge EDWG
    • Consistent high development standard
      • HD ground layout with PBR effect
      • Static aircrafts, individually created for the region
      • Performance optimized objects with high texture resolution
      • 3D characters (operated by temperature and time)
    • Additional helipads
      • Bundeswehr (German army) landing site Borkum (SAR)
      • Landing site Spiekeroog
    • Additional material included
      • All OFD and FLN paintings for the Torquesim and Nimbus BN-2 Islander
      • All FLN paintings for the Carenado Cessna 182T
      • Pre-programmed GPS flight plans (.fms) for real routes including circuits of the aerodrome and approaches

  10. 13 hours ago, nikita1234 said:

    I think so far I will stick with p3d 4.5. The v5 is super unstable and many things are not out yet for it, including real light and True Glass.  If you look closely at MS 2020 youtube play through videos, there is a bunch of microstutters still present when flying. It's not perfectly fluid. Hopefully that will be fixed. Still, its a bit worrisome. As an example:


    Look at 2:10 mark. When the airbus is turning to the runway. Looks like it will be a stutter fest allover again.


    That is an alpha version. 

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