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  1. Q: No rudder trim? A: No, none of the aircraft we model actually has that.
  2. Getting access to Indian airports to do our research is almost totally impossible.
  3. Just to let you know our P3D developments have not slowed down...
  4. Are you sure you are using the latest version? And what simulator are you talking about?
  5. Closing this topic. Please use the support section on out forums.
  6. I have moved your question as I found in the section about Autobahn Police.
  7. Not being hindered by a lot of technical knowledge, I would say that all parties, the people who develop GSX and the scenery developers. Umberto has my email address and probably also my cell phone number and knows we'll gladly assist. As stated in other topics, there is very little animosity between developers or publishers regarding MFS. We all know it is a big part of our future and there is a lot of information sharing.
  8. You will. Very shortly after we get them. The whole supply chain from Asia is in turmoil, right now there is a massive demand for containers in Asia, so while the products might be there, the shipping container is not.
  9. hello Mathijs,
    i have a problem with the automatic checklist of the A330. 

    Everytime i reached the point "APU FIRE TEST" the checklist stopped there and not continued further. This problem occured for the first time today (Yesterday i flew a route from HAM-MUC and i got a checklist stop during climb)
    im using P3D V4.5 HF 3 and the experimental version of the A330.

    cheers Sebastian 

  10. If the charts are geo referenced, yes.
  11. Should you use Navigraph, try without as we have seen some unexpected problems caused by that. Or at least make sure you have the very latest version!
  12. Mathijs Kok


    It autoupdates. Checks at each start.
  13. Have you checked the Windows Start menu?
  14. Nothing we are able to announce at this moment, sorry.
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