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  1. For mathijs kok

    You have written

    "I am closing this topic. If Domm does not fully understands the limited scope of this product and compares it to aircraft double or even three times the price there is no discussion possible and we can only advise him not to buy our products." 

    You're right, I would not buy them anymore

    Do not forget that I am still your customert, with the sceneries and aircraft that I bought at your store.
    Also the way to conclude a topic, is not a good way

    And I do not think about buying your products anymore

    It is better to buy something finished, with a justified price, rather than buy expensive one whose development is not finished.

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 is OK  49,99€

    the 737-PMDG= 70 €

    the DC8 aerosoft= 40,29 €    <>    the QualityWings 146= 20,88



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