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  1. Aerosoft I have opened a ticket on the 29th of August for a software that doesn't work. Your customer support is unable to fix the software and find a solution.
    I have offered 4 possible way to make me happy:
    1. Fix the software, I will gladly keep it
    2. Refund the money paid. I can't keep a software that doesn't work
    3. Offer me a voucher to spend in your store for the amount of the software not working
    4. I have suggested a replacement title that i will gladly exchange for the not working one (Note: the price of the replacement is smaller than the price paid!!!)

    I think I have been very flexible toward your company but now, after almost 3 months I have lost the patience.

    Please have a manager with decision power call me. Your support dept. have my mobile number (see tickets #177921 and #182073)

    I must say that your support department needs a lot of improvement! (if not a full change!)

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