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  1. Okay FWAviation, seeing your posts you expected to buy a different product then we intended to make. That happens. We depend on our real pilots for advise, you rather see things from your own point of view and I am sorry we are not fully able to explained that to you before you bought the product. However the product is what it is and we will most certainly not remove our immersion options. Sorry. Might I suggest you are careful buying the products from this development team? And now please back to the topic.
  2. Is there any other user who sees the same? We are unable to recreate this and thus unable to offer real support to this customer.
  3. Corrupted in what way? But there is a difference between install as admin and with administrative rights. But to be honest it is pretty clear the issue is that your OS simply does not allow our updater to edit files in that path. Absolutely nothing we can do about that. We have over 4000 downloads of the updater file that fails on your system, so we are pretty sure the issue is not with the file.
  4. I am a bit surprised about comments like this. EVERY crew will extend the tray table in cruise to have a place to put coffee, smartphone etc etc. Why do you insist something that is happening on every single flight should be toggled? For sure it does not take any framerate! Airbusses have automatic defogging systems so if you would see that something has gone wrong. To be honest, as far as I know it is extremely rare on modern Boeings as well. Snow on windshield is out of our control right now. we use 3rd party modules for rain and are pretty sure the new FS will handle all of that soon.
  5. That is not very surprising as you most likely do not have any aircraft installed that uses the very latest compilers. Keep in mind we have many thousands of customers who do not have the issues you have. We are more than willing to assist you, but as we are sure that all will work when the OS and the sim is correct it is hard to comment. Basically we do not know what causes this but we know what will solve 100% sure.
  6. And IVAP does not have an option that prevents the sim from resetting the time?
  7. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  8. Compared to what, Sabretooth? I really find it hard to understand these comments unless we have some idea on the knowledge of the poster. In the simrides I had I found it remarkable how responsive the A330 at low weights was on initial stick input and how lackluster it is when you keep the stick sideways. You also comment on 'sharper turns', but the systems in the Bus do not try to anticipate how many degrees you want to turn. If it is 30 degrees or 90, the aircraft should bank the same (and it does). I do not understand how you see an effect that is not programmed in.
  9. The weather tools and it's setting plays a huge role.
  10. True, but all users of weather tool, x will hate us. And when we tweak to weather tool xwe get in problems with people who use another weather tool.. I will tell you a secret, do not share. As we seen this for so many years now we were planning a tool that would flash a message on screen when some weather event happens that is just silly. A weather tool changing a wind direction, a pressure, a wind speed without at least a few minutes of adaptation. Sometimes what we see is crazy. And unfortunately is it very hard for our FWB model to adapt to that unrealistic behavior. I seen stream where an aircraft is demonstrated where the airspeed changes with 30 knots in a second. The streamer might notice and pull or push the stick and might comment on it. In real aviation that is a big event, life or death.
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